Cities: Skylines, As Told By Steam Reviews

Cities: Skylines, As Told By Steam Reviews

So, turns out Cities: Skylines is a pretty rad game. People like it so much, that the city-building sim is currently the top-selling game on Steam.

But what are people saying about the game? Well, if we take a look at the Steam reviews for Cities: Skylines, we’ll find a hell of a lot of griping about SimCity and EA. Maybe that’s not surprising — everyone is going to compare a city-building sim to the most iconic franchise in that genre. But still. Damn.

There are non-salty jokes in there though. Turns out you can’t build a city without accruing at least a few dead bodies:

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  • Well, it’s true – the world wanted a spiritual successor to SC and this game comes dangerously close. Actually, with all the possibilities made with Steam Workshop, it basically will evolve to become the best one out.

  • A lot of them bash simcity 2013 as its the flavor of jumping ships.
    ….. maxis is no more.
    Simcity 2013 was a good game, let down by its city size.

    cities: skylines is a very average game that is quite boring to play actually

    It was hyped up by hate and streams on twitch

    • What don’t you like about the game
      Hearing good things from friends including the oh god how is it in the am already type comments

    • city size was only one of its many problems, the terrible public transport system, the first department was completely incompetent. and the game was dumbed down.

    • so you bought it, and now you regret it?
      Give it a chance – I’m sure there’s a steamworks mod awaiting your download (that is unless you find the premise of city builders flawed, then why did you buy it?)

      • I have over 1000 hours in simcity2013 so i love my city builders

        there is no challenge in skylines, build, drop, done with that area, crime hardly matters neither does fire if you have coverage, no disasters to shake things up, unlimited funds. expand a huge block at a time and no need to worry……
        its not tuned very well as you can do almost anything with the recommended settings and as long as you keep in the green you will be OK…
        have positive funds and you will be OK….
        dont change taxes theres no need for it..
        got water good, got rubbish tip and crematoriums down …. easy…

        transport doesnt matter they only take cars… so build a few roads and your done.

        as long as you have everything covered and a cash flow it becomes easy

    • There were a few more issues than that with SimCity, but it was still the far more interesting game

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