Cities: Skylines Town Has One House, One Family

Cities: Skylines Town Has One House, One Family

My Cities: Skylines metropolis ended up pretty big! The game, like its peers in the genre, encourages you to go big in order to unlock new/better stuff. But you don't have to. In fact, you make your city as small as it could possibly be.

This PC Gamer piece shows what happens when you build a city that has all kinds of other buildings and services, but only a single home. And then what happens when you start following the daily routines of the family that lives there.

Cities: Skylines Town Has One House, One Family

Turns out there are a lot of empty classrooms. And... quirks when it comes to death.


    I hear there is no crime / random events etc in this game, not even house fire events and big burndowns etc... Very sterile game (so I'm told!)

      So far I haven't seen aliens or earthquakes but there is definitely crime and house fires. Before I could afford a police station crime was rife throughout my little town and before I could afford a fire station there were buildings burning down everywhere.

      Even after I bought a fire station there are still fires, and your little fire trucks speed off to put out the fire. If traffic is too congested then your fire trucks might not get there in time...

      I probably wouldn't have had cash flow problems if I bought a real power station instead of insisting on renewable energies from the start.

    That story was amazing, funny, sad and disturbing all at the same time. Thanks for sharing.

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