Classic 6DOF Shooter Descent Is Getting A Modern Reboot

I reckon we're all just about ready for a new Descent. It's not like people aren't trying to recapture the feeling of flying around, deep inside a planet, searching for things to shoot and equipment to upgrade your ship. A proper reboot, though? We've had to wait until 2015 for it to happen and like many classic games of yesteryear, it's coming to us via Kickstarter (hopefully).

Descent: Underground, by the appropriately named Descendent Studios, has collected just shy of $US170,000 of its $US600,000 target. That's a fairly healthy chunk, given it still has 27 days to go, so at this point I'm confident it'll be successful, though — don't ask me why — I get the impression it might not hit too many of its stretch goals.

The project is described as everything a Descent successor should be — six degrees of freedom, first-person ship combat and a "Twenty-First Century Update", courtesy of Epic's Unreal Engine 4. What I found a little sad though is the focus on multiplayer. A solo campaign is planned for some point in the future, but the initial release will have a "mini-campaign" that's more of a prologue than anything else.

In terms of experience, the team has worked on a variety of prominent titles, including Wing Commander, Ultima Online, Crusader: No Remorse and Star Wars: The Old Republic, to name a few. At the helm is Eric Peterson, who most recently held the position of "president of production" for Chris Roberts' Star Citizen.

Descent: Underground [Kickstarter, via RPS]


    Descent was always about the single player for me. This looks....not so good. :(

      Yeah, me too.
      Why can't they just build a good single player experience that sets a good base for MP?
      Otherwise you are missing out on the soul of Descent.

      Oh well, here's hoping they do a good job

    WooT! Decent reboot. Psyched.
    Multiplayer only...Bleh!

    I think Sublevel Zero actually looks better :\

    My cousin and I would spend hours playing Descent 1 and 2 campaigns co-op. Not really excited by this but I'll keep an eye on it.

    There is a single-player in the works for Descent: Underground. They're just launching on multi-player to get the game out sooner, then starting in on the single-player campaign.

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