Dead Or Alive 5 Is Missing A Bunch Of Features On PC

Dead Or Alive 5 Is Missing A Bunch Of Features On PC

While it's nice of Team Ninja to bring Dead or Alive to the PC today with Dead or Alive 5: Last Round, you should be aware that it's shipping without some key components.

If you decide to pick up Dead or Alive 5 for your personal computer, here's what you're missing:

  • It's not getting online play for another three months. THREE MONTHS.
  • There are no achievements.
  • Steam Cloud is not supported.
  • There's no rumble support for gamepads.
  • The in-game visual effects are equivalent to the PS3 version, not the PS4 version.
  • Two stages — The Danger Zone, The Crimson — are not included.

To be fair, Team Ninja has been upfront about the differences with the PC version, but it makes you wonder why the studio is bothering at all.

Then again, I can understand the frustrating situation for Dead or Alive fans. If you don't buy the PC version to demonstrate you're upset with the state it's being delivered in, you might be discouraging future PC version of Dead or Alive or other Team Ninja games. That really sucks.


    Also worth noting that saves are tied to your steam community name so if you change it *ever* your save is gone ;)

      Further to that, I have heard if your steam community name has any odd characters in it, you can't save.

    I canceled my preorder for this pureley based on them not using the soft engine from the ps4 version which meant inferior boob physics (I know what I'm about). But after reading this I'm glad I did for many other reasons, expecialy the save games disapearing when you change your steam name considering how often I change my name when playing counterstrike ("Stoob" has changed his name to "hes camping behind potplant in H room") also WTF 110 usd for 2 costume packs???

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