Dick Smith Is Selling The PlayStation 4, Delivered, For $389

It's for a limited time only and there appears to only be roughly 500 left, so you might want to hurry up.

It's on Dick Smith's eBay store, and delivery is free. Sounds like a pretty stellar deal, particularly if you've been waiting for the right price for a PlayStation 4. Particularly if you want a good deal on the console without buying some sort of bundle.


    I hate you. Why you gotta do this to me?

    Argh, great... They did this deal BEFORE I had a good amount of money to spend on gaming, and so I upgraded my PC instead, and after having done so and been a bit underwhelmed by the PC gaming environment, they do this to me again. WHY DICK SMITH, WHY!

      There's only a handful of PS4 exclusives still, keep waiting IMO!

        Yes but there's no way I'm NOT playing Uncharted 4, and I'll inevitably want to play what ever else Evolution puts out after DC. I consider it a long term purchase, because I will be dragged back to play online with my console brethren at some point. Plus, turns out developers hate AMD with a passion, at least, that's what nVIDIA's moolah tells them to, and not a whole lotta games I'm interested in run that well on AMD unfortunately, despite having a R9290X and FX8370...

      Let's be honest, you're better off among the PC gaming master-race rather than the console gaming peasants.

        I used to be like you. But my couch is so comfortable. And game pads feel so good.

        I basically only play FPS on PC now and I'm not an FPS guy. Consoles are good yo!

          Oh I did I mention that I paid $400 for my console? That won't even get you a graphics card for your gaming PC.

            Haha, right? R9290X eat your heart out; FC4 performs better on a PS4, I'm sure.

              Ewwwwwwwwww AMD I feel dirty just for reading that...

          I haven't played a strategy game on console since my friend bought Red Alert for the Playstation... and that came with a freaking mouse!

          I do agree though, some games are just better on a console... I've played DarkSiders on both the PC and 360, and it definitely feels more natural on the 360. I'm a huge strategy and MOBA fan, and not a fan of racing or fighting games, so I guess that somewhat dampens the appeal of consoles for me...

          play PC on the couch. all the positives and none of the negatives.

          none I tell you.


            I do most of my gaming on the couch (TV and controller running through my PC) and it's great, except for the one huge PC gaming disadvantage- that pile of crap that is Steam!

        Or the multi-platform gamers which 'transcend' both, which he would presumably be?

          It's glorious up here in the transcendence lounge, come join us, we look down on all of you and laugh!

            I don't know how anyone could not want to transcend once you've moved out of home, got a job and can afford more gaming goodies than you've got the time to play!

              It's beaaaaauuuuuutiful. We've even got a slurpee machine! And a barista machine! And a pizza oven...

    The white one is the same price too! Looks like me GF will be getting one. I get another PS4 buddy! Exciting!

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    Ok this is literally THE worst fortnight for work to stuff up my pay. *crying*

      Did you deliberately make Chris Traeger invade my brain, or was that a happy coincidence?


    Wedding + Honeymoon....

    Bathroom currently demolished.....

    Old LCD TV is dead...

    Old me would have already been sitting at the door waiting for this to arrive by now...

    thankyou mark! i now have a ps4 ready for that tony hawk pro skater reboot that popped up a few days ago

    You ain't missing out on much if you can't afford one. Unless you want an expensive dust magnet that maybe has 3 truly great games available for it. Maybe in a year things will be better......or worse. Facepalm.

      Really? I love mine. Diving my time between tomb raider, wolfenstein, grim fandango and singstar. It's awesome!

        Yeah I've had mine since day one dude which is probably why I'm so indifferent towards it. Shadowfall was not a very good game and BF4..... well we all know what happened with that. It felt like a very long time before there was anything that earned that 'next gen' stamp. And then that was a port of a PS3 title that was arguably the greatest game I have ever played. Even now the PS4 doesn't feel like it has much character to it. Although Diablo is pretty sick...... Just my opinion though as outatime correctly points out. Fingers crossed though.... fingers crossed.

          I've had mine since launch too and I've definitely had some ups and downs. Killzone and Infamous were not as good as I'd hoped (Especially compared to the first 2 games in each series), but both were what I'd consider 'launch window' games, so I guess it's expected. I had a dry spell with mine a while back after the Last of Us but I'm back on it every day now with FC4, and soon the Order and Bloodborne.

          All in all, I wouldn't say it's 'not worth it' (for me) for sure, but I'd admit things can still be slow at times 'cause we are only a year in.

          *I also have a WiiU and decent PC (it runs games just better than the PS4 for the most part), but I do prefer the PS4 given the choice, and if price/ performance is right for any particular game.

          Obviously if I can get it much cheaper/ run it much better on my PC then that's that, but if it's comparable I'll pick PS4.

          In the end, each to their own. I just feel that at this stage, while neither the Xbone or PS4 are necessities, they definitely have enough going for them 'now' to be quite enjoyable, especially with the backlog. (And especially if you are primarily a console gamer)

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            Bravo! Great post!

            Me personally, FC4 i'll play on PC because better controls, graphics and framerate, but anything the PS4 can handle at close to 60FPS for a good price I'll consider.

            Just waiting now for Last of Us to go down in price. No way I'm paying $60 to play a game I've already completed 3 or 4 times.

            In fact, that's my biggest complaint. I already have a few of these games on my PS3. And i've bought them through PSN so Sony can see that. But everything is still full price, even though I've already bought them. If I want to see what Ground Zeroes looks like on my new gear, I have to pay full price again. Same with NFS Rivals. It sucks. Just means I won't play it again. I've already paid once and once is enough.


              And yes I have to agree about remasters. In fact, the only remasters I've bought are ones that I missed out on. (My GF had the Last of Us on PS3 that I was going to borrow but I ended up waiting it out for the PS4 version.)

              And in terms of Far Cry... Don't tell anyone, but (because of the state of ubi ports lately) I... "tested" it on PC before deciding whether to buy it on PC or PS4. I could run the game maxed out at about 28-30fps or PS4 settings at about 50-60FPS, but I just couldn't get rid of the stuttering. Even with ini tweaks etc.

              In the end I was persuaded to go with the PS4 version when a local Video Ezy closed down and I found FC4 on PS4 for $30, which was lower than I could find it for on PC at the time.

              So that's how the 'purchasing' process normally works for me lol. If 'comparable' in terms of price/ performance/ pro's and con's, buy what's cheaper!

                Stuttering is bullshit hey.

                I agree with your purchasing process. Plus exclusives, plus some games like fighting games just feel better on a tele.

              Last Of Us is $16USD here if you don't mind a download: http://boxeddeal.com/last-of-us-remastered-edition-playstation-4-dlc-code-email-delivery.html

              I do see what they're saying about PS4 not having quite enough great games. I keep staring at mine expecting there to suddenly be an amazing game that'll truly knock my socks off, but alas, does not materialise.

                Thx man. I've checked a few of those out but... US PSN? I dunno. It seems dodgey somehow.

                Have you done it yourself?

                  I buy most of my PC keys from Russia, it's the best.

                  Nah US PSN account isn't dodgy in the slightest. I have both a US and AU one, and switch between them, as do many other people is Aus it seems. Generally games are cheaper from the US store, even with the exchange rate right now. Here's a guide if you need it: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/160977

                  @timon Thanks man. i bit the bullet and set it up this morning after your first post. So easy, who would need a guide? And $16 for TLOU... it's a bargain at twice the price! Got the PS4 downloading it now. Hopefully I'll be able to play it tonight after work. Crikey that's a massive DL!

                  Can't wait to replay at 1080p, 60FPS. Faw shoah!

                Wow, thanks man. I've had a US PSN account for a while now (As well as AU) so this site (and the possibility of finding more like it) seem like a great little addition to my bargain book.

    Looks like I'll be playing Arkham Knight on day 1 after all.
    Thanks Mark!




    *Clenches Fists*

      You know, I'm really tempted by this, but it's still hard to justify when there are only a handful of games I'm interested in. It's mostly for Mortal Kombat X that comes out next month. Other than that there's maybe Infamous Second Son and Shadow of Mordor and...not much else until games like Batman and Uncharted 4 hit.

      Most of the other games I'm remotely interested in (which is a pretty short list of maybe 3 or 4), I'd rather play on PC.

    Ah man. That's a good deal!

    I'm still happy though. Only $11 less than what I paid for mine from target and I got it last monday. Still getting up early every morning to play it. I think i love it.

    Wolfenstein is crazy violent though. Jeebus!

      How great is Wolfenstein though? haha. Good fun.

        It's really good but I think imma sell it when I'm done. When I was 15 I wouldn't have batted an eye but at 35 I find it a bit full on with the stabbings etc.

        Like the chainsaw scene. No no no noooooooo!

          Yeah, it's quite rough, I'm with you on that!

            i actually found it to be pretty tame,and yet ive seen alot people have issue with gore and THAT LEVEL. im starting to think i may need to seek help

              I think it differs from person to person.

              I don't personally mind a bit of gore, but I do admit that it had some of the more visually 'unsettling' (To a degree) gore I've seen in a modern shooter, especially in comparison to most other shooters etc. Wolfenstein is probably in the upper tier of gory/ gritty shooters IMO. (If the list went from games like Battlefield, which barley show anything, to games like World at War or Wolfenstein with dismemberment and far more extensive violence related gore, and story related gore/ violence.)

              I personally found that it added to the experience (in context to the story and universe of Wolfenstein), but I get that some may not like that and perhaps they should have had an option to disable it for folks like that?

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    HAH. I've got a backlog so long I may as well wait till 2020 for a PS4

      This is what's preventing me from dropping everything and buying one as well, that and I'd have nowhere to put it in the house except where my PS3 currently is, and I still have a ton of games I want to finish on it (including some pretty massive games like F:NV, Kingdoms of Amalur and Dark Souls).

    mmmhhhhhhhhhh... needs more variety of better games.

    More desperation from that pathetic company, to boost sales, by targeting the ignorant


      Oh damn that means I'm ignorant! Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

    And I just bought a PS4.

    Thanks for the heads up Mark, now I am Bloodborne ready!

    Thanks for the tip.
    Saved me $160 on two games I don't particularly want.

    About the price point I jumped into the last gen but there was at least a couple of games I actually wanted to play.

    Great article Mark. This has finally tipped me over the edge to get a PS4. Looking forward to Bloodborne later this month now!

    Let me know when it's as good with media as the PS3...

      Totally. That doesn't make any sense to me. So the PS3 has now become a media server for us. I think it'll be hooked up to the tv for as long as it lives. Works so well.

      I still got the fat one. It's like 8 years old or something. Can't believe she's still chugging. Gets a bit noisy though. That fan!

        I only just managed to replace my PS3's media functions with my Xbox One this last month now the TV Tuner is here. No recording, although tbh I don't record TV that often, I more stream what I miss. Next gen dropped the ball on media, but at least Microsoft have caught up. Sony seem to of lost interest.

        My fat PS3 died, and my slim was never as stable with PlayTV as the old one.

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    I caved and got one.

    Even though there isn't much that I want on it yet, I do want Mortal Kombat X when that releases, and there's a few games on the horizon I'm interested in. And it's probably unlikely I'll run into a deal like this again for a while so might as well grab one for that price even if I don't use it a whole lot for a while.

    You can call me Fred Flinstone, because I caved, man! Ha! Ha! Sorry, wallet. (I'm not sorry).

    Damn it. I'd been holding out after the last uber cheap DSE PS4 deal, but waiting got the best of me, and I caved last month. :( Paid a bit more than that RRP, but I did get a heap of games.. :S

    I know Drive Club had a bunch of controversy when it came out, but holy crap it is good now.
    The weather effects are simply amazing. Project CARS is meant to come out next month. Can't wait.

      Mmmmmm weathery Drive Club. There are games like Far Cry 4 or Shadow of Mordor which look 'better than last gen' then there are the, very small amount of, games like Drive Club that just look bounds more next gen than everything else. (Ryse, Infamous, The Order, etc to name a few more. They are just ahead of the pack.)

      Although DriveClub can be a little patchy visually depending on the track IMHO.

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