Discounted Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition Hits Steam

Discounted Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition Hits Steam

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 might be in the spotlight now, but Capcom’s also been busy beating a few of the franchise’s other PC releases into shape. A few days ago Resident Evil 5 received some sprucing, with its latest update replacing Games For Windows Live with Steamworks. Oh, and it’s released the Gold Edition of the game.

If you just want to hit up Steam, you can certainly do that. There you’ll find the Gold Edition is $US20.99, down from $US29.99, while the original version is 66 per cent off and can be had for a meagre $US6.80. The sale is valid until 30 March, so you have a couple of days to take advantage of the deal.

According to Capcom’s announcement post, if you already have a Steam or boxed GFWL copy of the game, the Gold Edition can be had for $US14.99. There’s also an FAQ that explains the ins and outs of the transition from Microsoft’s deprecated gaming service to Steamworks:

Q: If I already have the GFWL version of the game, can I get the Steamworks version? A: If you purchased a retail package GFWL version, you can use the GFWL activation code and redeem it on Steam to get a free copy of the full Steamworks-enabled version. Those who have already purchased the game on Steam or through other online distributors selling Steam keys will automatically be upgraded to the full Steamworks edition.

If you purchased a digital copy directly from the Microsoft GFWL marketplace, you can continue to enjoy RE5 on GFWL. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate a Steamworks transfer for these folks as there is no authentication option available. However, all of our applicable GFWL titles continue to support the features and will function normally. To continue playing on GFWL, you must maintain a separate installation using the GFWL activation key.

Q. Will my save data be compatible with the new Steamworks version? A. We’ve implemented a save data and Achievements migration tool that’s built right into each game. The tool will allow you to transfer progress from GFWL to Steam. However, the game will require that you install and sign into the GFWL client since the game needs to authenticate unlocked Achievements recorded on the GFWL service. Those who wish to start the game from scratch can skip the GFWL client installation entirely since the save/Achievement migration is optional.

Note the GFWL save data and achievement migration tool will be ready after launch; please stay tuned for an announcement on the official Steam forum.

Q: Will the new Steamworks versions support any Steam features? (Steam Trading Cards, Steam Achievements, Steam Cloud, leaderboards, etc.) A: RE5 and RE5: GE will support the standard suite of Steamworks features including Matchmaking, Achievements, Leaderboards, and Cloud save. Trading Cards will be available shortly after launch.

Q: Will previous DLC carryover from GFWL to Steam? A: Unfortunately, DLC content purchased directly from Microsoft’s GFWL Marketplace store will not carry over to Steam due to the lack of CD/activation key. Those who wish to play the game with their DLC can continue to do so with the GFWL version of the game installation and under the GFWL service.

As for the contents of the Gold Edition, the highlight is probably the “Lost in Nightmares” DLC, a co-operative prequel featuring Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield. There’s also several costumes, versus mode and Mercenaries Reunion.

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