Dragon Ball Failure Meme In Collectable Form

Dragon Ball Failure Meme in Collectible Form

Now you can relive Yamcha's death over and over again with this upcoming collectible statue. Don't forget the apple pie, though! Wait. What?

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In Dragon Ball Z, Yamcha is killed by a Saibaman, certainly not the most difficult foe, after he grabs onto him and self-destructs. If you've never seen the scene, watch it below.

The image of dead Yamcha in the crater is iconic in manga and anime, and it's been an endless source of parody and homage.

Saibamen aren't that formitable of an enemy, so getting killed by one is rather, well, embarrassing. As Know Your Meme points out, this image has appeared on countless websites and forums, and it's used to indicate when someone is weak or has failed. In short, when somebody got Yamcha'd.

Bandai is releasing a figure version of Yamcha's death pose. Here's how it stacks up to the anime:

Dragon Ball Failure Meme in Collectible Form

And here's the figure from all angles.

Dragon Ball Failure Meme in Collectible Form

Isn't this incredible?

Dragon Ball Failure Meme in Collectible Form

But sadly, it doesn't come with an amazing diorama like this, so you'll need to either make one yourself or display it in other places.

Dragon Ball Failure Meme in Collectible Form

Like the floor.

Dragon Ball Failure Meme in Collectible Form

In your boss's desk.

Dragon Ball Failure Meme in Collectible Form

Somebody's leg.

Or, best of all, an apple pie. If you cannot make a crater diorama, you can always bake an pie instead. That's what I'd do. And if you cannot bake a pie, then really, learn how. Stuff like that is important.

Dragon Ball Failure Meme in Collectible Form

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The Yamcha figure is priced at 3456 yen ($37) and goes on sale May 29 in Japan.


    That's dreadful :( I really liked Yamcha when I was a child back in the original DB.

    Last edited 28/03/15 8:00 am

      Some might say he is a child still in Z

      Same. I hated how the story left him and others behind. He was once a very powerful fighter. Then this 100 billion zillion power levels ruined the show. He even whooped a Ginyu force member, after they flogged Vegeta.

        Dunno what you are talking about. The story left Yamcha behind very shortly after having introduced him. He was only as strong as kid Goku /before/ he started training with Master Roshi. Back then everybody seemed equally powerful and relevant, even Oolong! Once Krillin (and later, Tenchin-han) were introduced he was already sunk into irrelevancy, and that was early in the first DB. He had a tiny spark of hope of becoming relevant in the third martial arts tournament after having developed a really cool technique, but sadly, his first opponent was Kami-sama himself, so yeah, that was that.

        Then, when Vegeta arrived, he was killed by a single saiba-man. Krillin killed 5 of those himself. Even Chaos and Yayirobe were less pathetic than Yamcha in that arc.

        TL;DR: Yamcha was written to be a joke basically from the beginning.

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