Dragon Ball Figures Are Cooler With Holograms

Dragon Ball Figures Are Cooler with Holograms

Sorry, cooler? No. I meant, hotter. Using a Dragon Ball Goku figure and a clear pyramid, Brazil's ZW Design created this impressive hologram effect.

If you are interested in how effects like these are made, YouTuber RimstarOrg has a helpful walkthrough.


    Freaking awesome. Am re watching Dragonball atm. Cant wait to get back to DB Z

      When you get to DBZ, watch DBZ Abridged instead.

        You mean DBZ Kai? Have that sitting there in HD :D

          No, he means DBZ Abridged. It's great

            Yep. Look up teamfourstar dbza on youtube. If you are already familiar with the story then it is worth your time to watch abridged rather than the original.

      I'm re-watching Dragonball aswell (just finsihed muscle tower) but no way am I gonna watch DBZ again, too serious/dragged out and too much screaming.

        DBZ kai was better but unfinished.

          Thought they ended up finishing it?

          I saw something the other day about who was going to be doing the end credits music for Kai so they might be getting back to it.

          No it's ongoing now. They picked it back up again in April last year. Episode 144 is up in a couple of days.

        If that is your case I highly recommend to watch the DBZ abridged made by TeamFourStar. You are going to love it.

        Last edited 13/03/15 12:36 am

      I'm doing the same, but I started with DragonballZ and went back to Dragon Ball. Xenoverse really got me craving DBZ and Kai made it so I didn't have to sit through the filler content until Buu (and I didn't mind the filler for that Saga anyway).

    I rate this as over 9000, as impossible as that seems.

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