Dreamcast Theme For Nintendo 3DS Reopens Old Wounds

Look, I know, Sega and Nintendo have been working together for years. Doesn't matter. There's something about this that still blows my mind.

It's a theme for a Nintendo system, copying the dashboard of a Sega system! A little piece of the Dreamcast, living inside a Nintendo handheld! It even has the disc-spinning noise!

And... *sniff*... look, I just miss the Dreamcast, OK? This doesn't help with that. It just hurts.


    I still have my original dreamcast. I haven't turned it on in about 10-15 years so no idea if it still works or not (was working last time I checked). Never thought to sell it but just not sure what to do with it (and the games)....

    I was the right age to be in the Dreamcast generation but for whatever reason, it never left any footprint on my childhood. Maybe it's because I went to a staunchly Nintendo school, but I only had a couple of friends who owned them and it never moved me in a way other Sega consoles did. Now the Dreamcast has turned into this mythical machine in gaming lore, it puzzles me.

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