Dying Light 'Hard Mode' Coming In March

Briefly: Dying Lightwill get its long-awaited "hard mode" on March 10, Techland said today. Can't wait! In addition to that free update, a "Survivor Bundle" will also be released, giving players three additional character skins and four new weapons.


    and... why wasn't this in the original game? I mean, I think it's cool it's part of an update (which has emphasis on 'free' sadly) but with Metro charging for it I'm afraid we might be heading into a future of difficulty microtransactions.

      But it's free!

      In all seriousness I think it is because people complained that the game is too easy even on the current hard mode.

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      I feel ya man. Even if it is free it's something that should be in a FINISHED game. They just don't complete games anymore then release updates. I guess it's good to make games better.... but an excuse to not finish them properly and charge more later. ehhh

      I sort of suspect this is just another case of modders finding settings on the PC version, because additional difficulty settings were found within days of launch... So they patch them in later as if it was their original intent all along.

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    YAY...Im just about to finish normal mode...all side quest acheivo allready unlocked

      What do you think? I'd like to pick it up over the weekend.

        So good man, get it!! Need a 4th coop member

          I'll be buying it this afternoon (y)

            cool man, I should hopefully be on tomorrow some time, will join your game or something, meant to be finishing it tomorrow night but we are about 50% through story.

        It ticks all my boxes to be honest...my game of the year so far (yes i know its only March) co-op is great too

    Cannot bring myself to play through again until this is out...

    Still got no update for dying light ? Still runnin on 1.02. I thought aus got the update on march 14 ?

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