Dying Light Mod Tools Enter Closed Beta, Get In Now

True to its word, Dying Light developer Techland has been working hard on getting modding tools ready for the community. In fact, it's now accepting users for a closed beta to knock out any remaining issues before releasing them on the world at large.

According to a post on the game's Steam forums, anyone eager to be the first to "create content" for the game can email their details and hopefully, get an invite:

Developer tools for Dying Light are coming and they’re almost there. We’ll be releasing them soon, but before that happens we want to invite you to a closed beta. You can be one of the first people to create content for Dying Light and influence the development of our tools!

It goes on to mention that those who do get accepted should "be prepared to come across some difficulties" as the tools are iterated on. Techland is also keen for any general feedback, so even if you don't have you heart set on some complicated mod or addition to the game, tinkerers shouldn't be shy about applying.

The post finishes by mentioning the email address you need to send your request and Steam login too: [email protected]. Good to see Techland following through with its modding plans!

Dying Light Developer Tools closed beta [Steam]


    Unless it's my desperate lack of an imagination, I don't think Dying Light really needs mods IMO. It's nice to see a developer embrace the modding community but i just cannot see Dying Light being modded in any significant way but i am sure the modders can find something.

      if techland are smart, these tools wont just work for dyinglight but should hopefully work with hellraid and maybe a new call of juarez. Plus if the tools are anyware near the GECK and Creation kit i can definately see Dying Light becomming as moddable and long lasting as fallout and skyrim

      Edit: techland aslo have also shown off a teaser of some content thats inworks such as vehicles ( dune buggy) and using bows too

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