Elite: Dangerous Now Has 'Wings'

Video: As in, you and your buddies can team up and fly through the galaxy, sharing map locations, comms and even bonuses for trading. Fourteen-year-old Luke is like "holy shit, finally".


    Now it just needs this new fancy thing called STEAM! I don't like having my games spread across multiple services.

      Add it to your steam library as a non-steam game, the overlay works perfectly.

    Fourteen-year-old Luke shouldn't be swearing like that....

      Fourteen year old Luke is a REBEL, man! A REBEL.

      I bet he even stays up late playing video games.

    just wished this wasn't $80 AUD :(

      Yeah, it's a bit sucky with the exchange rate.

      You'll get your $67.69 worth though. :)

      Last edited 13/03/15 11:13 am

    Sounds cool.
    My worry with it not being with a publisher, is what happens if the developer goes bust, does the game just stop working as the servers switch off?

      Frontier Games have said if that ever happens they will make all effort to make it a SOLO mode experience or make available the backend stuff to allow people to have their own servers.

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