Fans Made Starcraft 2 Into A Shooter, And It Looks Fantastic

Fans Made Starcraft 2 Into A Shooter, And It Looks Fantastic

Psionic Warfare: Total Destruction is not your average Starcraft mod. Somehow, the people behind this mod managed to transform Starcraft 2 into an entirely different game.

This mod makes Starcraft into more of a third-person-shooter where you are put into an arena and forced to survive. There are five playable classes, four different game modes, and four different levels. It's extensive! You can play it with three other buddies too. Bonus: you can get into Vikings, and upgrade them as well.

If this sounds cool to you, you can download the mod here. It will be a good consolation for those of you that are still hung up on StarCraft: Ghost.


    All this does is remind me of how quickly Space Marine died in Australia. *sheds a single tear*

    What would be EPIC is if you could have a friend in strategy mode placing buildings and organizing the base and defenses while the player(s) on ground can command units and listen to orders by the overlord player (birds eye player).

      You my friend want Natural Selection 2 except Starcraft (if you don't know the game look it up, very fun)

      Wait until StarCraft II Legacy of the void (stand alond expo) - archon mode is what youre looking for!

    Starcraft Ghoust m0th3fuck3r !!!

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