Final Fantasy Typo Is So Fantsy

Final Fantasy Typo Is So Fantsy

These are official screenshots for X and X-2's impending re-release on PS4. Chin up Square, it's only a partial mistake: Yuna's pants are pretty fantsy.

Final Fantasy Typo Is So Fantsy

As seen on Game Watch.


    I couldn't decide if 'typo' was a typo of Type 0 so I came here just in case.

    In other news, FFX-2 has a new opening theme. "I'm So Fantsy, you already knowwww....."

    Any word on whether there will be anything to this other than a resolution upgrade?

      The option to revert to the original soundtrack.. Nice trice Squeenix, but you're not getting my money this time around.


        Ah, I'll pass thanks. Bring me FFXII!

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