Final Fantasy XV Demo Players Are Finding Things They’re Not Supposed To

Final Fantasy XV Demo Players Are Finding Things They’re Not Supposed To

The only thing better than a lengthy demo of a game people have been waiting nine years to play? Breaking it.

Turns out, escaping from Square’s big bad demo barrier is actually pretty easy. You just have to, er, get hit by a car. Observe, in this video from Based Squall:

After that, you can roam pretty far and find some rad (albeit unintended) secrets, like this giant goddamn dinosaur:

Meanwhile, if you’re in the mood to really hoof it, you can embark on a trek across land, sea and sky (that’s beneath the land — ahhh, glitches) to see an even more massive titan. Here’s a video of how to find that via moreuse:

All of this is exciting, I think. It’s like finding where your parents hide the Christmas presents and opening them early while also having bitchin’ hair that defies gravity and a running gait that will only ever look cool in a video game.

Have you broken Final Fantasy XV‘s demo or uncovered anything you don’t think Square wanted you to see just yet?


  • As someone who doesnt play Final Fantasy, why have people been waiting 9 years for this? Didnt a numbered final fantasy game come out around 2 years ogo?

    • Nothing but re-releases in the last few years.

      XIV, which was multiplayer-only, came out in 2010 (5 years ago). XIII came out in 2009.

      There was a re-release of XIV a couple of years ago, and there were XIII-2 and Lightning Returns, which were basically sequels to XIII. While XIII-2 was better received than XIII, none of them were all that well regarded. In a ranked list of all FF titles, all three games in the XIII series would be well down the list.

      The last FF game that was met with broad approval was FFXII, in 2006. That’s how long we’ve been waiting for another good, single-player FF game.

      [ Edit; originally I said XII was out in 2009. Thanks for topaz for the correction. ]

      • >The last FF game that was met with broad approval was FFXII, in 2009.

        It was late 06/early 07 actually, and yes XII was the shizznit, I lived in Ivalice for months.

        • Wups, typo. Agreed; it was XIII that came out in 2009.

          Will correct my post, but putting this reply in here so people know you’re responding to a real error.

      • The XIII series wasn’t all that well regarded in the west. From what I remember, FFXIII and its sequels scored pretty well in Japan. The XIII series was either a hate it or love it type of thing — I personally loved it. Lightning returns was easily the best one of the three games (for me anyways).

        • I liked XIII, also XIII-2 (although I hated the ending) and never really got into Lightning Returns; the timer mechanic threw me off. (I know there are ways of rewinding it, but I hate having to be aware of every second that I pause while playing.)

          I hadn’t realised XIII was so well regarded in Japan – apparently it got a 39/40 in Famitsu and XIII-2 got a perfect score. I think that’s overrating them, but my criteria are probably not their criteria…

        • I played the everliving shit out of lightning returns to the point where I could finish pretty much the entire game on the first day, there were a few story branches and side quests that required certain days and times not available on the first day but everything else was fair game with timestop abuse and behemoth farming to restore that resource that let you cast it again. I can’t actually say the game was good but I did enjoy it thoroughly. Upon second playthrough of the original 13, I would say it was the superior of the 3 even though, overall they weren’t actually that good.

          • Lightning returns didn’t have the best story (nothing groundbreaking or insane) but the battle mechanics were awesome. Overall, I did think that it was a great way to end the whole series. I know this totally sounds weird but the ultimate reason why I love lightning returns is the philosophy tied to the actions that follow lightning through the game, particularly through the quests — even though they weren’t of great variety in what you did, what ideas that was imparted through the circumstance of the characters in such quests, I found to be incredibly profound. Quests like the one about the girl who sold her tears, it was some profound stuff and I found it a bold move for the game to explore such ideas at all but the nature of the world setting allows a fluent way of exploring and imparting profound and philosophical ideas like that. Suffice to say, I liked — no, loved, that aspect of the game very much. I don’t know if the game is good or not, I can’t find myself to view the game in that sort of light but just like you, I enjoyed it thoroughly. Personally, what held my interest in the XIII series was the themes the stories revolved around. Anyways I’m done babbling about the game hahah ^_^”

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