Let The Final Fantasy XV Product Placement Begin!

Let the Final Fantasy XV Product Placement Begin!

Yes, that Coleman. The Outdoor Company™. Final Fantasy XV characters will sit in Coleman camping chairs, cook on Coleman stoves, and pitch Coleman tents. How's that for a fantasy based on reality?

Let the Final Fantasy XV Product Placement Begin!

As reported on Famitsu and 4Gamer, Coleman camping gear will appear as in-game items, complete with the Coleman logo.

Let the Final Fantasy XV Product Placement Begin!

I added the red circles and the arrows. Subtle, right?

In Final Fantasy XV, there is emphasis on camping, and in Japan, Coleman is incredibly popular. Both points might explain this collaboration. Or not.


    That's... kind of weird for a fantasy game. It'd be like having Coke placement in a Star Wars game or something.

      I wouldn't really call Final Fantasy a Fantasy series anymore.

        It's just a name now that gets people attention. If it doesn't have FF/KH in it's name, it won't get so much attention. Or at least sell as well. Bravely Default barely broke 1mil sold world wide. If it had Final Fantasy in it's name, I bet it would have sold more.

        Oh and Chrono "something" would work to.

        Last edited 14/03/15 5:42 pm

        Magic, airships, summons, behemoths, new world to explore... Sounds pretty fantasy to me.
        Medieval/steampunk, however, it is not

        I wouldn't mind playing a fantasy game which the world is based on our "information era". Would love to see something different from the FF series.

      Wasn't the world that 15 is set in supposed to be the one that is created at the end of Lightning Returns? i.e. basically earth with it's quaint country towns, different continents and trains and shit? Would sort of, in a round about way, account for the existence of product placement.

        That was the word when it was still FFXIII Versus, but now its just set in a world similar modern day earth with no connection.

    I'm perfectly fine with this type of advertising. I would like to see it translate into more money spent on development, or lower price point on release - time will tell on that.


    Ashcraft submitted something that is ACTUALLY related to gaming!
    Seriously losing my sh!t here!!!

    Well Done Brian, I knew you had it in you :)

    Product placement in games? What next, video game characters in ads?
    "Hi, I'm Jill Valentine from Resident Evil, and I'm here to tell you about the great new panty liners from Femsure. Because trust me, when legions of the undead are advancing on you, you're REALLY gonna want something that'll protect against light bladder leakage."
    Or this:
    "Hi, I'm Commander Shephard. When I'm spending time in my favourite stores on the citadel, I need a credit card I can trust, and that's MasterCard. Never leave orbit without it."

      This got a snort outta me. Freshness would really matter to me in the time of zombie hoards, I gotta say.

      I would actually find those ads more enjoyable than current ads.

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