Final Fantasy XV's Summon Will Blow Your Damn Mind

Final Fantasy XV's Summon Will Blow Your Damn Mind

There are a lot of cool moments in Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae, the much-anticipated demo that's finally out today for PS4 and Xbox One (alongside FF Type-0 HD).

You can explore the world, take on sidequests, get to know Noctis and his merry band of bros, and spend a whole lot of time playing around with the high-octane combat system. The demo is rough, but it's full of promising ideas and definitely worth your time if you care about Final Fantasy at all.

You can also get a... certain summon, which you can activate once Noctis runs out of HP and use against just about any outdoor enemy in the game. In Final Fantasy, summons are a Pretty Big Deal, and FFXV appears to be no exception. I shouldn't say anything else. Just watch this.

Here's a friendly spoiler warning in case you don't want to know what summon is in FFXV: Episode Duscae.

(Make sure you set the video to HD.)

Yeah. That's a thing.


    Yeah that was pretty amazing. Looking forward to seeing Ifrit.

    Needs some of this: after the battle is won

    They showed Leviathen in one of the earlier trailers - I was amazed at him then. Yeah, Rahmut (?) is awesome. Can't wait for the others to come in.

    I'm guessing this is for the US. According to the EB Games website it doesn't release here till tomorrow, and if you buy it off the Playstation store the wait is even longer (doesn't unlock till the 20th).

      Yeah they got it on the 17th. As if we have to wait :(

    So, this is Final Fantasy versus 13 before it was renamed and moved to PS4 [and xbone], right?

    I was always wondering what happened to that game. I must say, waiting an entire console generation and still not having a game come out feels a little..... peverse, lol. [though clearly not unheard of]. Here's hoping they make this generation of hardware! :-)

    Last edited 18/03/15 8:53 am

      Ever hear of one called The Last Guardian? I've already waited one entire console generation for that, and may well end up waiting another :P

        Of course! Hence the phrase [clearly not unheard of].
        Everyone always uses The Last Guardian as the benchmark for games in development hell, yet FFvs13 was announced at the very start of the PS3's life, in 2006! 3 years before The Last Guardian. The only difference was it appeared to drop off the radar a bit more.
        There's many games trapped in development purgatory, and it sucks :-( I'd put Half Life 3 in that basket, too, along with Agent, Beyond Good and Evil 2......
        At least with this FF title it actually seems like some light at the end of the tunnel!

        Last edited 18/03/15 9:36 am

      Looks like Final Fantasy Emo Guys Go Hiking to me....

    If they all have those environmental effects; Ifrit, Leviathan, Bahamut and Titan are going to be awesome

    FF8 was probably the last time I was truely impressed by a summon. I am so happy thats changed. Cannot wait to get into this! Must see Bahamut summon!

      C'mon, what about FF9? Have you forgotten about that scene of Bahamut VS Alexander?

    Damn that looks sweet.
    Although FF Type-0 looks interesting, I'm not willing to pay $80, so I guess I won't get to play the demo.

    In the extended version, you see Balrog in the distance snapping his fingers while shaking his head and then walking away dejectedly, knowing he will not pass through there.

    It's pretty impressive but it's a shame that the environmental "damage" is just an effect that fades rather than truly leaving a bunch of smouldering, wrecked trees and shrubs.

      Pretty sure they made it so so the game wouldn't become "let's make of the whole world a smoking wasteland even before we start playing the story at all."

    If that didn't destroy every living thing in that forest I would be extremely disappointed.

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