First Look At The New Astro Boy Reboot

First Look at the New Astro Boy Reboot

Never mind that there was already an Astro Boy reboot in 2009. Or that the previous reboot was not so good. They're giving it another shot, calling it, wait for it, Astro Boy Reboot. It looks very green.

As reported last year in Variety (via IT Media), the series is from Monaco's Shibuya Productions and France's Caribara Animation, along with Japan's Tezuka Productions. Apparently, the reboot's producers can even create a new storyline, which no doubt involves a tight v-neck shirt.

Not sure what was wrong with the old one, but hey, as long as they create something entertaining, no? I guess?

That, and make sure that Astro Boy has machine guns in his butt.

First Look at the New Astro Boy Reboot

Picture: Bokutoupdtokyo


    Nice I really like the style. Good to see frame animation as well, as opposed to that flash-like tweening stuff alot of cartoons do these days...

    Hate it. Absolutely hate it. Hate the art design, hate the cheap look. Hate the way it moves, hate the cheap flash animation feel to it. I know some will say 'Oh he's hating for no reason', but that's not the case. Check out the last reboot, then check this. The last reboot was quite damn well done. This, this is cheap and nasty. Ergh.

      My eyeballs are bleeding...... Looks like the Simpsons foretold the future of animation.... they're chaining monkeys to desks with pencil and paper...

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      Not sure if joking or...

      This is extremely good looking. The art style is fantastic! Sure, it did have the flash feel, but that doesn't automatically make it bad.

        I'm sorry, I write a flat out statement saying I think it looks shit and you come back saying 'not sure if joking'. Not sure if needs to be made clearer or...

        It looks cheap. It looks like someone coded it in flash animation. It looks like rubbish. It looks like I have to wait to see if Mojo Jojo jumps out to fight him. I've seen higher quality fan animation. What's hard to understand here? Minimalism is quite often good, Batman the animated series had minimalism and used it to great effect, but that was not minmalism, that was *lazy*.

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          This... That mojo jojo statement is exactly what came to mind.... looks like an old school cartoon network show and i dont mean that in a good way...

      I don't understand the hate. The animation is super fluid and hardly flash-like. Hell have you seen the animation on the original? The only thing in your rant that could objectively be admitted to be influenced by the newer vector-motion cartoons is the palette and the hard edges to the shadows. Is it the abandonment of the original Tezuka's designs? But if so, I'd ask why we'd need yet another reboot with exactly the same character designs; the previous reboot is all that we need on that respect.

      So I don't see the need for yet another reboot, but if it's happening, I'm kind of glad that they decided to experiment with the original concept and change everything else instead of just trying to polish even more the same old thing.

        The original was a hand drawn cartoon, that's a vastly different situation. Given the amount of detail and depth of animation that can come from 3d rendering, see Attack on Titan for a glorious example, this is just disappointing to me visually. Sorry if it irritates people that I have an opinion, deal with it.

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          How am I irritated? I was just asking a question and offering my own opinion. Irritated is the guy that downvoted me for that opinion.

      Totally agree. The previous series was very good and kept the Tezuka style whilst giving an updated feel. This looks awful and like an Eco commercial for a reverse cycle electric car solar panel.

      Finally, as someone who was there for the birth of Astroboy in Takodanobaba in 2003, i believe my opinion holds more gravitas than most.

    Not sure what was wrong with the old one... The 80's (more darker) one or the 60's (more lighter and "fun") one? Also, wasn't the reboot in 2003 and the movie was in 2009?

      The 50's manga was very dark, not only did it introduce human like robots, but it also deconstructed it at the same time

        This. Astro Boy has always been misleadingly cutesy and light in tone but with super deep and dark themes underneath.

    So this anime is a coproduction by french & japanese animation studios, will it have, music wise, a mix of french electronica & jpop

    Not sure what to think about the actual animation (both liked it and hated it), but that music was NICE. :)

    What's with borrowing the Neo/Man of Steel move there? I didn't mind the character animation, a bit too flash style for me though. Music was great and really hooked me in. I guess if we always stick with the same old same we will never progress in animation. Trying to be balanced :)

    Agree with many others - it looks cheap and lazily drawn - it's like watching a marketing intro before they show the actual product. 5 seconds is forgiveable, but whole seasons will make me cringe.

    Another Astro Boy for another generation of kids. OK

    Green jets?? GREEN??? cmon what's next, his sister being renamed to Zoran? I mean geez...

    I'm on the fence until I've seen the first episode

    I kind of like it.
    It reminds me of Powerpuff Girls... in a good way.
    Although I kind of see it as some sort of Mobile game, like Monument Valley, with the bright colours. And it doesn't look very "anime". But that isn't always a bad thing.
    Anyway, I look forward to the first episode.

    Complete shite, lost me in the first 30sec with a neo/matrix/superman jump ... ugh

    Do not like... one... little... bit...


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