Five Nights At Freddy’s Twitter Roleplay Is Scarier Than The Games

Five Nights At Freddy’s Twitter Roleplay Is Scarier Than The Games

Yesterday on Twitter I bore witness to something amazing — nine hours of Twitter-based Five Nights At Freddy‘s role-playing. It was horrible. I was riveted.

It began with Twitter user @Bad123Hoover peaking out of the music box.

@Bad123Hoover is playing as The Puppet, one of the more insidious antagonists of Five Nights At Freddy’s 2, who would attack the player of the hit horror sequel should they fail to keep a music box wound.

His call to roleplay is quickly answered by @buddy651, playing the part of Golden Freddy,

First they establish the initial conflict. The Puppet wants out of its music box, but Golden Freddy does not want him out. After a brief back-and-forth, The Puppet exercises its supernatural gifts.

Golden attempts to steal The Puppet’s powers, but The Puppet claims he has the same powers as Golden — in fact, he’s the one who transported Golden’s soul — that of one of the murdered children that started this whole macabre mess — into his animatronic suit in the first place.

It’s a questionable claim, one quickly forgotten as Golden drops a bombshell.

How can this be? According to Golden, killing the Purple Guy — the child murderer who set the series in motion — caused the victim within Golden Freddy to come back to life. The Puppet posits that such an action would have brought all of the victims of the Purple Guy back to life if that were the case. Golden says he chose to keep the gift of new life to himself.

Golden is kind of a dick.

What follows is a whirlwind of action and accusation. The Puppet teleports and tells Golden he’s dead. Golden begins channeling the spirit of the Purple Guy, united with his golden-haired victim in their hatred for The Puppet.

Hold on, trying to comprehend all of this.

OK, I think I’ve got it. The Puppet is the one who stuffed the murdered souls into the animatronic animal things. Purple, the murderer, has convinced Golden, the victim, that The Puppet trapped them out of spite, so they unite against The Puppet.

Oh shit. It’s on.

Or it was on, Golden immediately takes control of the animatronics, causing The Puppet to flee. The animatronics close in, The Puppets powers are draining, the music box stuck to his back. Is this the end for The Puppet?

Surprise! Just like a jump scare from the hit games, Spring Trap appears. For those of you playing along at home, Spring Trap is the main antagonist from Five Nights At Freddy’s 3, the only physical animatronic left, the rest rendered phantoms.

Wait, does this mean this is taking place in the third game’s time period? But… I am so confused.

To be completely honest, I have no idea what happens next. I just know it’s pretty awesome.

Oh god, what happened? How can they possibly reconcile this?

Two hours later…

At this point the pair have been at this for hours. Here they have opened a new children’s party restaurant, and they’re having some trouble not wanting to kill. Luckily a new player arrives, just in time.

Who the hell is Rocky the Raccoon? According to some hastily assembled roleplaying, he’s the mascot of the restaurant Golden purchased to convert into the new place. Also…

They’re all getting along famously, until Rocky starts asking about someone named Penny.

Hopefully nothing too horrible.

Well that seems like a sane reaction to someone ran i out with a knife.

You are not helping, Spring Trap. No one wants to hear about a friend getting crushed to prices.

Then battle happens. Amazing battle. Molten sword battle. An epic battle for the ages that rages on for nearly two hours, until…

I won’t spoil any more of this grand tale for you. Rest assured that nine hours after the epic roleplaying session began, it ended with a heh and a yeahhh.

Thanks to our players for their inspiring performance, which can be seen in its entirety here. Bravo. You have truly elevated the developers original work and made it your own.


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