Flying Fusion Coil (Via Man Cannon) Proves Deadly, If Unlikely, Halo 3 Weapon

Sure, you could kill your online foes using traditional Halo 3 weapons, such as the assault rifle, carbine or plasma pistol. No one every expects to be shot out of the air by a man cannon-launched fusion coil though. What are the odds? Good enough, as one player discovered.

Reddit user "OhhSoBlessed", posted the below video of his armour-clad character playing around with the fateful coil. After a few failed attempts, he manages to shove the thing into the cannon, launching it towards its new home in the sky.

Not only does it collide with someone, causing their demise, OhhSoBlessed received a kill credit as well. I doubt it'll shift the war effort from highly-trained, well-armed super soldiers to difficult-to-use, improvised gauss weapons, but it scores highly on the comedy scale.

Here's the other player's perspective, for the curious.

I NEVER thought this would work. Torpedo hit confirmed! [Reddit, via Gamespresso]


    ...this is new? I was doing this stuff when Halo 3 came out.

    I can't even get into a multiplayer game, and this stuff was getting done when Halo 3 first came out

    It's funny how all this stuff people were laughing at in 2007 is relevant again.

    Whoa just a simple thing like a box Instant Kill

    Rofl though the number 1 funniest article was about replacing all the textures with that national treasure actor's face

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