Gabe Newell, Notch Make List Of World’s Richest People

Gabe Newell, Notch Make List Of World’s Richest People

Some people who make (or made) video games are dirt poor. Others, however, could start campfires using $US100 bills. In this post, we’re looking at the latter.

Forbes has released their 2015 list of the richest people on Earth, and while Bill Gates is back at #1 (with a net worth of $US79.2 billion), we’re more interested in some names further down the list.

Like Japan’s Naruatsu Baba, who founded a company (Colopl) that has released some of the best-selling games on the Google Play Store. He’s at 1190th spot on the list, with a fortune of $US1.8 billion.

Or some guy called Gabe Newell, who is the 1415th richest person in the world, with $US1.3 billion, a spot he shares with Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson, who also has $US1.3 billion.

Some other notable gaming types on the list include online gaming bosses Kwon Hyuk-Bin (949th, $US2 billion) and Nexon’s Kim Jung-Ju (1054th, $US1.8 billion), as well as Shanda’s Chen Tianqiao (1533rd, $US1.2 billion) and NCsoft’s Kim Taek-Jin (1605th, $US1.2 billion).

That’s it. Worldwide, across all types of video game businesses, these are the only people to make the list, and most of them are doing so because they’re running online gaming companies.

The moral of this story? If you want to make billions, don’t make video games. You might just have to be happy with millions. Or making rent.


  • When I see the ‘Rich Lists’ many times there are folks whom I see that I haven’t personally had interactions with their businesses. In this instance I have personally funded a number of these gentlemans rise to the billionaire list.

    You’re welcome, GabeN.

  • I always wonder about the people who refuse to let Forbes look into their fortunes that are never published in these rich lists. Those people/families that were worth 10 billion in the 1800’s etc.

    • And posisbly at least the same now, or even more, depending on if they have reinvested well or just wasted money on parties and drugs.

    • rothschilds anyone?
      it would be beneficial for those people/families to remain in the shadows and operate from behind the scenes. it would be quite obvious that any person or family with extremely large amounts of wealth would have an immense amount of power and the ability to influence and/or control countries – and therefore increasingly obvious that the puppets of our society are nothing but puppets.

      just like a puppeteer remains hidden

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