Gabe Newell Says The HTC Vive Won’t Make You Sick

My first experience with the original Oculus Rift Development Kit: extreme joy followed by nausea. I know I’m not alone in that feeling. Now that Valve and HTC have announce the Vive, one question is, ‘will this one make me want to barf?

If you ask Gabe Newell the answer to that question is a resounding no.

As reported by the New York Times, Gabe Newell has claimed that “zero percent of people get motion sick” whilst using the HTC Vive. Brave words. The solution, it seems, is the Vive’s ability to track real life motion and transfer that to the virtual world. As anyone who’s felt motion sickness is aware, it’s that disconnect that causes the nausea. Gabe Newell should know: he claimed that he’d tried more VR headsets and they were “world’s best motion sickness inducers”.

But Oculus is also coming close to its own solution with the motion sickness issue, which leads me to believe that virtual reality is coming closer to being a reality — something we can buy, something that has the potential to go mainstream.

I can’t wait.

To Bring Virtual Reality to Market, Furious Efforts to Solve Nausea [NYT]

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