Gloating Is A Bad Idea In Bloodborne

Just because the boss is dead doesn't mean it's time for a victory cheer, as streamer Jeff Ramos demonstrates in this video.

"It's really the story of my fucking life," Ramos said as I commented on how beautiful this video is. He downed whichever vile Bloodborne boss this was despite losing his partner in the process, but the waves of celebratory relief distracted him from the poison slowly eating away at his health.

It's one of the stories of my life as well, Jeff. Back in my EverQuest days I was famous for dying from damage-over-time spells after taking down a difficult enemy. My battle cry was "Quick, somebody bandage me!"

Let this be a lesson to you all. Or not. It's more entertaining that way.


    This exact thing happened to me last night. I was poisoned, the BSB was down to one hit left, I had no antidotes and my health was rapidly declining. Regardless, I charged in for the kill and as the BSB's death mist faded I jammed down the triangle button only to die before I could even pull out a vial. Still, even after having died so many times to the stupid poison before I drifted back to the dream, a weary smile spread across my lips and my finger making a rude gesture.

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      Same thing happened to me as well. I defeated the BSB then stood there breathing a sigh of relief, only to then die 2 seconds later from poison I wasn't aware of. Love this game.

    How the hell did he not notice? and why would he try to cure the poison before his health? Restoring health is one button, using an item requires selecting it before you can use it. Blood Vials aren't exactly in short supply, especially compared to antidotes.

    Anyways, I remember something like this happening in Dark Souls. I was summoned into another players world and had a 3 on 1 fight with that knight on top of Sens Fortress. As we dealt the final blow the summoner thought he was going to swing again and tried rolling out of the way... right off the end of the tower.

      I think he was too busy celebrating. Which should be the lesson! Don't celebrate until you're sure you're not slowly dying.


    This happened to me a few hours ago. Finally beat Bloodstarved beast with the help of another player. I was so glad to finally beat the boss that I forgot I was poisoned. I immediately thanked him with a fistpump action only to die right after. Must have looked funny from his perspective. So glad I could use the PS4 video capture feature to save footage of it! Phenomenal game.

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