God Of War III Remastered Will Be Coming To PS4 On July 14

Video: God of War III Remastered will be coming to PS4 on July 14, just in time for the series' 10th anniversary. The last part of Kratos' deity-destroying journey originally came out for the PS3 in 2010.


    I am all for this. I mean, it's kinda the year of the remaster as it is, if there's any game I would put on the list its this one.
    Ascension just didn't quite do it for me. Still a decent game, and I appreciated the change in gameplay mechanics, but just not quite all I'd hoped it would be.

      Ascension seemed to change things for the sake of it (combat controls, powers etc).

      GoW nailed that in the very first game and it only needed slight refining in GoW II. Ascension's changes (as well as most of the game) just felt unnecessary.

    Is this really necessary? I mean, the third game wasn't bad, but once it came out everybody kind of forgot about it.

      Yeah. I felt like it sort of died between two and three. By the time the third came out all my friends who loved God of War didn't really care anymore. It probably didn't help that a lot of the core God of War fanbase moved over to the 360. None of my friends who loved God of War owned PS3s. I think only one of them cared enough to ask to borrow my PS3 to play it.
      I guess that might make it a good choice for a remaster. Maybe take advantage of the PS4 winning users back and get some of those people who liked the first and second but missed the third back into the series.

        I'd say it's more about seeing whether or not people would care about God of War 4.

          I think right now they'd probably agree the answer is no, but see this as a low risk way of trying to jump start the franchise.

          I'd rather a new game but I doubt the decision was ever a choice between either a full fledged new God of War game vs a God of War 3 remaster. Odds are they either didn't have the interest to justify making a new game and it won't happen unless this is a financial success, or they're making a new one already with this being used as an audience primer/fund generator.

    Eh, I'm pretty over remasters, to be honest.
    Some new IPs, or even some sequels would be great.

    I don't mind remasters when they bundle together either multiple games (like what was happening on the PS3), or the DLC (like with the Last of Us), but I don't need a remaster of a game that is still holding up to this day, and that I already own a copy of...

    So instead of maybe doing God of War 4, they remaster GoW3? Ugh. So sick of this remaster trend.

    The only remaster I want is skyrim. My computer is terrible.

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