GTA V Cops Have No Chance Against Invincible Crooks

GTA V Cops Have No Chance Against Invincible Crooks

When invulnerable criminals go rampaging through the streets of Los Santos, it can be a terrible, wonderful thing.

This video by YouTuber Sly Shooter shows that thwarting the efforts of the cops to try and shut down a super-crook can be both hilarious and an inspiration to pull off really impressive in-game feats. Invincibility is nothing new to Grand Theft Auto. There’s been a code to either instantly replenish health or make players immune to damage in most of the major GTA releases. Sure, it takes away a lot of the risk. But playing with invincibility is like going on a responsibility-free bender through the intricate cynical sandboxes built by Rockstar. You’re shouting at the systems to come at you with their worst and shrugging it off.


  • Clips like this remind me how incredibly detailed GTAV is. I really love the Euphoria engine, and all of Rockstar’s work 😀

  • At first, I was watching this thinking this was yet another killing spree/murder porn video, but then the scene on the bridge with the player shooting out the tyres on the trucks took place. Now I know that it is possible to actually troll during a shoot out. Gold.

  • Shame the AI is nothing but mindless drones in this game, really the police should be running away at some point yelling SCREW THIS SHIT.

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