GTA V Heists Update Is 4GB, Heist Planning Unlocks at Level 12

GTA V Heists Update is 4GB, Heist Planning Unlocks at Level 12

After months and months of waiting, online heists are available today for GTA V.

Rockstar Games — the company behind the Grand Theft Auto series — have announced that the free update that contains Heists is now live on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. It's around 4GB download for new-gen systems, with last-gen users reporting that the file size is 1.2GB. The multi-stage co-op missions require a four-player crew to play through the high-stakes theft and the Heist leader will need to have a rank of 12 or higher, along with a high-end apartment.

Selecting 'Play Heist' from the 'Quick Job' menu on the in-game phone will trigger a call from GTA V's caper-planning character Lester. Leaders will have to front the set-up costs for the heists, used for getting equipment and NPCs to fill out specific roles. You can join a heist at any player rank, though, as long as they have completed the GTA Online tutorial. We'll have more on GTA V's heists in the coming days.



    Oh wait, I'm on PC :(

    Just rub that salt in Rockstar, just rub that salt.

      Play Payday 2.

      Pure heists.

        You mean pure bugs?

    "We know you've been complaining but you weren't ready"

    Cheeky bastards! Maybe you weren't ready, Rockstar, but we certainly were!

    What kinda RP reward do you get for heists? hope its a decent amount one thing I don't need is cash id much rather have RP.

    Last edited 11/03/15 9:45 am

    When will gta v online heists last? Because i can't play intil Thursday...

      it's going to always be there, it isn't an event like christmas etc

    Logged in last night and spent 30 minutes checking out the new clothes. ^_^

    dum de dum de dum, just waiting for another PC delay, best guess it'll come May 5th.

    Never really bothered with GTAO, I think I got a character to 20. I might start a new character tonight and give it another shot.

    Logged in: Made 10 outfits and saved them (40 minutes of shopping), learned I can now point at people, did this for a solid 30 minutes. Even stood on a guys car and pointed forward, got invited to plenty of heists and denied them all, tried to do a race, was on-call for 15 minutes, found a random guy in a ape mask and killed him, logged off.

    I don't care about heists.. WE CAN SAVE OUTFITS AND POINT!

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