GTA V Heists Update Is 4GB, Heist Planning Unlocks at Level 12

GTA V Heists Update Is 4GB, Heist Planning Unlocks at Level 12

After months and months of waiting, online heists are available today for GTA V.

Rockstar Games — the company behind the Grand Theft Auto series — have announced that the free update that contains Heists is now live on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. It’s around 4GB download for new-gen systems, with last-gen users reporting that the file size is 1.2GB. The multi-stage co-op missions require a four-player crew to play through the high-stakes theft and the Heist leader will need to have a rank of 12 or higher, along with a high-end apartment.

Selecting ‘Play Heist’ from the ‘Quick Job’ menu on the in-game phone will trigger a call from GTA V‘s caper-planning character Lester. Leaders will have to front the set-up costs for the heists, used for getting equipment and NPCs to fill out specific roles. You can join a heist at any player rank, though, as long as they have completed the GTA Online tutorial. We’ll have more on GTA V‘s heists in the coming days.


  • WOOHOO!!!!

    Oh wait, I’m on PC 🙁

    Just rub that salt in Rockstar, just rub that salt.

  • “We know you’ve been complaining but you weren’t ready”

    Cheeky bastards! Maybe you weren’t ready, Rockstar, but we certainly were!

  • What kinda RP reward do you get for heists? hope its a decent amount one thing I don’t need is cash id much rather have RP.

  • Never really bothered with GTAO, I think I got a character to 20. I might start a new character tonight and give it another shot.

  • Logged in: Made 10 outfits and saved them (40 minutes of shopping), learned I can now point at people, did this for a solid 30 minutes. Even stood on a guys car and pointed forward, got invited to plenty of heists and denied them all, tried to do a race, was on-call for 15 minutes, found a random guy in a ape mask and killed him, logged off.

    I don’t care about heists.. WE CAN SAVE OUTFITS AND POINT!

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