Halo Online Is Just Halo 3 With Bells On, But It Looks Fantastic

Halo Online is only being released in Russia and is catered to that market, what with its rampant game piracy and love of free-to-play, but that doesn't stop me feeling, well, a little jealous.

Which is weird. Halo Online is basically just Halo 3 with bells and whistles, but damn... those bells and whistles look especially fancy.

It appears as though the game takes Halo 3's mechanics, adds some new custom levels and a whole menagerie of weapon tweaks to suit the free-to-play model. The end result looks pretty snazzy, and I'm pretty sure Halo 3 is going to look great on a decent looking PC with the settings cranked.

And if I had to call it, I'd probably say that Halo 3 might have been the best overall Halo in terms of its multiplayer balance. It's definitely — in my opinion — in possession of the best maps. Guardian and The Pit are my particular favourites.

So yeah, even though we'll be able to play Halo 5 in the near future, I'm still sort of envious of this Halo Online. It looks a little bit great.


    Most likely crammed full of microtransactions. Must be Microsofts dream.

      This day n age.. almost all multiplayer games do.. *wipes away a tear*

    In Soviet Russia, Free-To-Play Halo Game truly does play you.

    *Continues to pummel rotting corpse of horse with stick*

    Time to get a Russian VPN i think. Seriously Halo 3 on PC would be awesome. I started playing Halo on PC long before i got an Xbox

    Here's hoping they're using Russians as testers to see if it'll be profitable.

    I actually want this game so badly for some reason... mostly cause halo 3 was amazing and it would be nice to play it on PC :)

    Ah, so it looks like Halo 3 will technicallly be released on PC afterall...just not in the right market though.

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