Happy 15th Birthday, PlayStation 2!

Briefly: Happy 15th birthday, PlayStation 2! Sony launched its second home console in Japan on March 4, 2000, with games such as Street Fighter EX3 and Kessen. Eventually, the PS2 became not only the best-selling game console of its generation, but the best-selling console overall, with 155 million+ units sold worldwide.


    Bought a PS2 when I moved back to NZ from the UK was 18 living with the olds took about 5 months to get myself into a decent job so in that time between applying for jobs and interviews the PS2 got a thrashing good times.

    On a side note did those blocks at the startup actually mean anything? I noticed that more of them appeared as time went on? that GIF has heaps

      I believe it was how many games you had played on the system

      It's a representation of how much data is on the memory card.

    I blew a whole month pay on my first PS2 with GT3. I regretted nothing

    I was a kid when the PS2 was released ( was born a few years after PS1 was first released) I remember getting up for my birthday and sitting in a present would be something that would help me get through the boredom of slow days. That present was the FAT PS2 (Bulky one)

    I got some soccer games and Simpsons hit and run as well as GTA (Which i must say I played the heck out of)

    Unfortunately on Christmas day 7 years later my FAT PS2 laser disc reader died and was unable to play Media / Games, I was so upset to see a childhood toy break on me but I knew something was going to happen eventually.

    While it may not have had the UI and the easy to use online mutiplayer access or PSN store. I can say it was one of the best Consoles of my childhood time and still is to this day.

    Happy birthday PS2 and thanks for the wonderful times and Memories we have had together, it shall never be forgotten.

    Bought the original model when it hit $499 with Tekken Tag Tournament. Many, many hours spent playing it - so many that the laser failed. I was gifted with a slim version that Christmas, but sadly its laser died a few months back. I'm looking at repairing the fat model as I'd like to show it off in my home theatre room once my house is built... can anyone recommend a good repair place in Sydney?

    I got mine for my 21st birthday... with no games or memory card. I played the shit out of that demo disc until I got a game.

    Got mine right after I finished my last HSC exam in 02, along with NBA Street (awesome game). I think I have more games on PS2 than any other console I own, so many JRPGs...

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