Here, Have 26 Minutes of Dark Souls II: Scholar Of The First Sin Footage

Here, Have 26 Minutes of Dark Souls II: Scholar Of The First Sin Footage

It features Heide’s Tower of Flame, perhaps the prettiest location in Dark Souls II, and it’s all captured in 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second.

And one of the most interesting parts of this demo? The location of the Heide Knights. In Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin, the location of the enemies has changed, meaning that different enemies will be placed in different locations throughout the game.

During my preview of the game, I noticed that the first Heide Knight most players come across — underneath the tree in the Forest of the Fallen Giants — was no longer there. There are two at the start of this Heide’s Tower of Flame section, so that might explain where they’ve gone.

Also — there’s a new dragon in this section. It looks like Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin will have a few surprised up its sleeve, which is a bit of a relief for me. I’m planning to play through the game again and it’s good to hear that I won’t be able to play on auto-pilot.


  • Huh, even on the crappy screen of my phone it’s immediately apparent the game looks much nicer. Even the colour palette looks improved? Or am I going crazy?

    Also I don’t have sound and can’t hear them but are they intentionally being terrible at the game or is that genuine?

  • Looks pretty rad, do we know if it’s going to have the same durability and roll animation iframe issues as the 60fps version on the pc?

    • I would hope not. As far as I know the 60fps on PC was ‘play at your own risk’ (and pretty much a ‘supported’ mod?). Surly this would have been a legitimate update made by the developer and not the same sorta thing?

      • Nope, the game launched at 60fps max on all systems. In the ps3 version there a few tiny areas that actually reach 60fps it seems its the hardware that limited the problem on last gen consoles. The Iframes, durability and certain animations seem to be tied to the framerate for some stupid reason.

        • My bad, it was the first game that had to be modded to 60FPS, which was what I was thinking about. Although the consoles don’t seem to break 40fps in DS2 in the DF analysis I checked out.

          As for tying stuff to frame rates; Having calculations (and sometimes more) tied to frame rate is an ‘out dated’ way of doing things and, occasionally, it still crops up. An easy fix is to simply code by time.deltatime, thus relying on time instead of frames.

          We can still see it in some old games when you play them too fast or slow and animations, physics, or sounds come out too fast or slow as a result.

  • Its going to be such a nicer experience on PS4 than it was on PS3, i’m somewhat upset that my character won’t carry over though 🙁

    I will get this day one but who can tell how long it will take me to finish Bloodborne and get back to DS2.

  • It’s going to be interesting to see whether the changes affect the speedrunning community or not. While a large number of enemies are avoided, there may be some positions now that make paths less or more viable.

  • I’m so glad I didn’t buy the DLC for this, it gives me a good excuse to double dip for next gen. I played this when it came out for about 3 months straight, I think I got up to new game +++++ and still loved it.

  • I’ll say the same thing every time I see a story on this: It’s ready, I’m ready, give it to me now! Why am I waiting for it!?!

  • Is this game really big and that is why the graphics are rather ugly (in my opinion) or is it just the art style?

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