How Hardcore Is Minesweeper? Pretty Hardcore.

If you owned a PC before the internet became a thing, chances are you spent a fair amount of time playing Minesweeper. But it turns out that some people never stopped playing Minesweeper and these people take it very, very seriously indeed.

This fascinating mini-documentary explains some of the finer facets of Minesweeper, including its history, where the game is headed, and the numerous different ways people play it. As always, when human beings decide to dedicate themselves to one single endeavour, tremendous things tend to happen.

Just for the record, I've posted a Minesweeper 'speedrun' just so you can get an idea of how insane people can get at this game.

This one is also incredible. Minesweeper is serious business.


    I once downloaded a program and you could use it to save and play recordings of games. Some of the ones on the smallest default board were a couple of seconds in length. Just insane. The mouse control itself was as much a feat as the playthrough.

    I was the 'best' within my circle of friends, managed a 83sec job on Expert many years ago now. I was happy with that effort.

    No amount of practice would get me to the level these people are on though.

    I used to run a screen saver 4+ years ago that was basically my computer playing minesweeper with some simple AI and, when you got back from a job etc it would show you how many times it won and how many it lost etc.
    I never got to see it because, well, when it was on I wasn't there, but my co-workers reckon it was pretty good.
    Had a mate at school years ago too that was right into Minesweeper, then he became a DJ in japan. /non-sequitur

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    Argh in that last video the person playing left that guesswork 2x2 top left corner unresolved all the way to the end, which had me in mortal anguish. You have to be a masochist to not do that one first so you won't lose so much effort if you guess wrong.

      I feel you, but that tension may be what players at this level are actually looking for. Higher stakes and all that...

      That's because maybe it doesn't have to be guesswork. If you can finish the rest of the puzzle and there's only one mine left to be found, you know it must be at (2,2).

    that second "speedrun" was sped up. awful journalism.

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    I'm a whiz at Minesweeper I can play for days
    Once you see my sweet moves you're gonna stay amazed,
    my fingers movin' so fast I'll set the place ablaze

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    I got really good at Minesweeper during uni. Those were the days...

    LGRs' channel is excellent, check out his other videos - one of the top retro-PC perspectives on the net.

    LGR Oddware being one of my favourites:

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    In another life when I used to dabble in some amateur programming, I converted a crude bitmap graphics app I wrote using QBasic into a crude Minesweeper clone.

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