How To Get World Of Warcraft's New Super-Rare Mount

How To Get World of Warcraft's New Super-Rare Mount

The "Voidtalon of the Dark Star" is a new mount added to WoW with patch 6.1, but the patch notes don't mention anything about how to obtain it. A few days have passed since the update and people are finally figuring out the process. It's not that easy.

The official survival guide only says that you have to be lucky to find it, and that's 100% true. The mount is obtained by clicking on purple portals called "Edge of Reality", which spawn in level 100 areas in Draenor for a short period of time, and take you to a mini-scenario.

This is what the portal looks like. Some sort of misty gateway:

How To Get World of Warcraft's New Super-Rare Mount

And this is where their spawning locations are. Or at least these are the ones people have found so far. As you can see they're all around the "Apexis daily" areas, which means it's always crowded. So yeah you have to be lucky to be the first one finding the portal AND be able to click it in time, since they close after a few minutes even if no one clicked on them.

How To Get World of Warcraft's New Super-Rare Mount

Also, you can't enter the portal if you already have the mount or if you're in a premade group.

Once you're inside, you have to loot the eggs of a dead Voidtalon and get out. No riddles, difficult fights or level 100 elites.

How To Get World of Warcraft's New Super-Rare Mount

Good luck with all that camping... Or you can come back two expansions later to an empty Draenor without any competition.

Pictures: Svetlaena (who was among the first people to find the mount) and Wowhead


    So they make rare mounts more obtainable so you don't have to camp a single rare for weeks... Then go straight back to the old system undoubtedly because of community pressure, way to be progressive Blizzard

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      They have been doing this for years. Could not give a stuff about rare mounts, just give me back the original Alterac Valley and Warsong.

      I don't see why there can't be a range of easy to obtain rare mounts and hard to obtain rare mounts. You can't hand everything to everyone on a platter and expect the more competitive players to stick around. And WoW has a pretty strong competitive scene.

        What does the competitive scene have to do with vanity mounts you have to spend weeks dedicating your character to? People in the "competitive" scene are probably more worried about actually playing the game rather than idling their account in one spot for weeks for a mount.

        The old system is out of date and was a terrible idea then and worse now.

          Making content easier alienates the competitive segment. A lot of people enjoy the challenge and difficulty of obtaining rare things, whether it's mounts, pets, gear or whatever else, and resent Blizzard making rare content less rare, or not making rare content at all. It's simple to appeal to both competitive and casual players, as long as the expectation is clear that some things aren't going to have a casual way of obtaining them.

          Blizzard has held that standard consistently so far, including mythic raid gear having different models altogether in WoD. Casual players are given no expectation that they can obtain this gear through casual means, the only source is mythic raiding. Similarly, there are and should always be mounts that require more than a casual dedication to obtain, and there's a non-trivial number of players who enjoy the pursuit of rarity, whether it's mounts, pets, transmog gear, achievements or anything else.

            Camping for weeks just for the possibility of seeing something you might be able to possibly get is not difficult, it's tedious.

            Combine that with the fact that.. Or you can come back two expansions later to an empty Draenor without any competition.
            is no longer possible thanks to CRZ and it is really just rewarding boredom and time wasted, not effort.

            Why can't we have more rare things that you actually earn like the Revasaur/Frostsaber? ( I was never Alliance) or Netherdrakes.

          If it was easy to obtain, everyone would have it. The whole idea is to make it very difficult to get it, so that players who DO have it can wear it like a badge of honour.

          I mean, I don't play WoW, but the mount just does the same stuff as other mounts, right? It just looks different? So let the players who want to camp out for it do that, and those that don't can have the easier-to-acquire ones.

            But it isn't hard to get, there is no effort besides who has the least amount of social responsibility or who has the best bot to exploit it, that is not a badge of honour anybody should be promoting.

              Who are you to dictate what people should and shouldn't enjoy doing with their time? You have different tastes, you made that clear, but don't act like there's only One True Way to have fun.

                I never said anything like that so don't put words in my mouth, I said it's not a behaviour that blizzard should be promoting and it doesn't change the fact there is no difficulty besides who has the most time to waste or who has the best exploit.

                  You said it's not something anybody should be promoting. I don't think that's a reasonable thing to say. People can enjoy whatever kind of scarcity they like, Blizzard providing for multiple tastes is hardly a bad thing.

        Big problem is, Blizzard flip flops between the two and quite severely. They make some items so hard to get/rare that only the elite/competitive players will bother spending time to get them, then turn around and release something that's "better" that everyone can obtain with little effort that screws over the elite/competitive player.

        Blizzard has lost sight on WoW.. They aren't catering to the casual player or the hardcore player very well, and anything they address seems half assed or pointless. Don't get my wrong, im an ex high end raider and miss the game a lot - but they really haven't made any progress in expanding/improving the game and this is just another example of it.

      >So they make rare mounts more obtainable so you don't have to camp a single rare for weeks...
      Do you even have Poundfist yet?

        I stopped playing WoD before I even got near the boredom level to seriously try for any of the rare mounts.

          Well! Let me tell you.
          If you're a raider, Blackrock Foundry came out the other month and it is a lot of fun. Better than Highmaul, for sure.
          6.1 introduced some stuff I haven't grasped yet because I've not had the internet properly for the last few weeks.
          And in case you missed just how it goes, if you actually wanted Poundfist's mount, you would start after a tuesday reset, and just wait around Gorgrond for the whole week until he arbitrarily shows up 3-5 days later. Or maybe an hour later! Not quite as bad as TLPD, but about as fun.
          Related note: I managed to "camp" Pathrunner (quotations marks because I kept track of his last spawn, but also went to bed) for 20 hours. Went to garrison for 5 minutes, someone nabbed it.

          Never again.

      if they are easy to get how does that make them rare.....

        I believe the point is that it is easy, but very time consuming.

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