Huge Minecraft Adventure Map Stars The Wonders Of The Ancient World

Huge Minecraft Adventure Map Stars The Wonders Of The Ancient World

Twelve world wonders, strewn across a massive landmass, all overrun with monsters. And it’s your job to clear them out, of course.

Wayward Wonders is a CTM or Complete The Monument map, meaning that the objective is to collect blocks — in this case, by defeating the monsters at each of the dozen world wonders, seen below:

The “main quest” involves collecting twelve blocks from the wonders and a thirteenth one from the final boss — all the while dealing with the usual Minecraft survival stuff, like crafting, finding food and building shelter — but there’s also a crapton of collectibles and side quests, making this a bit of an open-world RPG experience. Check out the list of features:

  • Two monuments to complete (28 blocks total; 15 optional)
  • Customised bosses, minions, hostile mobs, tamable mobs, mob gangs, and villagers
  • Customised dungeons, temples, villages, and loot
  • Side quests, moral choices, and NPC tasks
  • Customised and unique items, potions, and enchantments
  • Spirit Stones (13 total) that give temporary buffs
  • A Fast Travel system, Spawn settings, and optional random location teleports
  • Legendary weapons, tools, and armour
  • Dozens and dozens of armour sets
  • Triggered events, XP gains, dialogues, and game rules
  • Experience shops and customised villager trading
  • Command block-powered fluidity (no mods needed!)
  • Open world freedom and random encounters
  • Customised terrain
  • To-scale Ancient Wonders of the World!

Here’s a sample of the included wonders:

And a short video where the creator explains what the map is all about:

If you’re interested, visit Wayward Wonders’ official thread on the Minecraft Forum for the download. It’s relatively large at 665MB, and as a result, loading times are a bit long as well, so expect some waiting time when you first head in-game.

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