If Team Fortress And League Of Legends Had A Baby, It Would Be Gigantic

If Team Fortress And League Of Legends Had A Baby, It Would Be Gigantic

Gigantic is a game that’s gotten a lot of praise for its good looks. That’s understandable, given how sharp its visuals have been in every glimpse we’ve gotten. But Motiga’s multiplayer arena game plays well too.

One of the most crowded areas at PAX East last week was the massive booth dedicated to hosting multiplayer matches for Gigantic. After sitting down with the game, I understood why. Gigantic may look like it’s trying to cash in on the MOBA craze but it’s actually feels like it’s fusing elements from multiple genres into a unique multiplayer experience.

There aren’t any lanes, creeps or towers in Gigantic, though there are things that feel similar in some cases. In a weird way, the players on each team are sort of like minions from other games. Their job is to protect and channel magical energy to an enormous magical creature called a Guardian. That’s done by securing and energizing points — from which AI-controlled allies will rise — on a massive map and taking out the enemy heroes. Do enough of that and the Guardians will rise from their perches and attack the opposing side’s giant creature. This can result in a wound that players’ heroes can exploit to weaken the giant creature even more. Once the Guardians get activated three times, they duke it out in the middle of the arena until one side emerges victorious. Sometimes, things won’t even get to that stage, as a dominant squad can destroy a Guardian before the final clash.

Like loads of other multiplayer-focused games, the various characters all have specialisations and abilities that are best used in various ways. The first time I played Gigantic at PAX Prime last year, I used mobile artillery-bot HK-205 and found that hero’s ranged attacks to be a good one to ease into the flow of the game. This time, I wanted something in another flavour. After telling my team coach that I like fighting games, he suggested I try stealthy assassin Tripp. While her up-close combat style differed greatly from what I played before, I still felt like I could contribute to the team effort.

The levelling in Gigantic is fast, which makes it feel like you’re accomplishing something during all the chaos. In the video above, I spoke with Motiga developer John Hargrove about how people are playing Gigantic and what the rewards are like as you get deeper into the game. Gigantic is coming soon for PC and Xbox One.