In Which Anime Girls Make Out And Transform Into Weapons

In Which Anime Girls Make Out And Transform Into Weapons

Making its debut at this weekend's AnimeJapan expo in Japan, Valkyrie Drive is a mixed-media game and anime project from Marvellous which revolves around girls making out and turning into weapons. It all makes sense when you realise who it's coming from.

From Kenichirō Takaki, the man who brought us the Senran Kagura series of stripping ninja girl games, comes...well, you get the picture. Check out the first mildly NSFW teaser trailer below (via Destructoid) and we'll chat after.

You can catch a nicer version of the vid at Marvellous' official Valkyrie Drive website, which lays out the new IP's three-pronged plan of attack.

Apparently the story revolves around a strange virus that begins turning girls from their late teens to 20s into weapons, other girls emerging with the power to wield the weapon women, and a world scrambling to use them to their own ends, as you do.

There'll be a television anime, Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid, a console game called Valkyrie Drive: Ascenseur, and a free-to-play social mobile game, Valkyrie Drive: Siren, that will tie into the console offering somehow.

Considering the source, expect the series and games to be packed full of fan service. Hell, the trailer is mostly fan service. And while normally I'd say there's not a chance in hell this sort of property would come stateside, Marvellous really doesn't seem to give a damn.


    But what if you just wanted to make out? That would be really annoying!

      I know right. Every time Megatron wants to make out with Starscream, he turns into a pistol used to shoot Autobots.

    With Kenichirō Takaki behind this I expect amazing thingies.... uh things.

    Day one!

    Urgh, I can relate. Don't you just hate it when you're about to have sex with your girl and she magically turns into a weapon?

      I suppose it's a little better than when you're about to have sex with your girl and accidentally splash some hot water on her, turning her into a boy...

    I am guessing this person must of seen some of the nausverse & arcsys works, i mean nasu created the romacible servent, then a spinoff of that work created loli magical girls, both have used h scenes to replenish the mana of the servents & magical girls, which i believe is being used in this project, referencing arcsys is how they have used teens girls as weapons, like for example the teen looking valentines, murakumo units, izayoi & es units. Speaking of those weapons, i do believe there might be a deconstruction of the project & it might be about a ruthless girl ownly searching for the perfect weapon, killing weapon girls who she deemed weak plus i believe that like said aforementioned weapons, some of them will be emoitonless. Man, i hope it doesn't turn out to be like magica madoka

    Ahh, more scantily clad Japanese cartoon schoolgirls for the closet pedo/ephebophiles/fedorables to defend.

    Last edited 23/03/15 3:54 pm

      RIP Kill La Kill. It seemed interesting but the sheer level of terrible-target-demographic put me off.

    Wow. Until now I had no idea that I needed this.

    I can just see Kotaku's headline "Valkyrie Drive refused classification in Australia due to high-impact sexual violence".

    So it's Soul Eater but with big busted ladies making out?

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