iZombie's Video Game Cameo Is Almost Perfect

IZombie's Video Game Cameo Is Almost Perfect

Don't looks so sad, zombie girl. You may be undead, but at least your production staff have a pretty good grasp on proper video game product placement.

The pilot for CW's comic book-based zombie procedural aired earlier this week, and like our friends over at io9, I was completely charmed. It might not have the supporting cast the now-cancelled comic book series did (yet), but it does feature a sentient zombie who solves crimes by eating the brains of murder victims, and just being able to type that out makes me completely giddy.

Not only has showrunner Rob Thomas (of Veronica Mars fame) nailed the pacing, the characterization and the mood of what sounded like an impossible piece of throwaway television fiction, he also manages to work in a video game cameo that had me nodding in appreciation instead of laughing at the ridiculousness of it all.

After months of wallowing in self-pity, undead Liv Moore (Rose McIver) decides it's time to reconcile with her estranged boyfriend, Major. Sadly it's a case of too little, too late, as her beau has found a new gaming partner to play with.

Oh man. Not only has Major moved on to another lady friend, his choice of Dying Light as date night entertainment shows obvious anti-zombie sentiment.

Still, how refreshing to see a show treat video game product placement so cleverly, without taking unrealistic liberties, like having two people playing a single-player game at... oh dammit.

IZombie's Video Game Cameo Is Almost Perfect

Dammit Thomas, we were so close!


    Never heard of iZombie before, but after looking it up, I'm interested in watching it.

    I'm hoping the show isn't completely drowning in emo sentimentality. Like, she's the only Zombie that's kept safe and alive because she's cute.

    Or when she went to her estranged boyfriend's house, she could've knocked, not just witness him with another lady, assume the worst and drown in self-pity.

    I'd love to watch another Rob Thomas show. Anyone know the Australian air date?

    A medical student who becomes a zombie joins a Coroner's Office in order to gain access to the brains she must reluctantly eat so that she can maintain her humanity. But every brain she eats, she also inherits their memories. Now she uses her abilities to solve their deaths with help from the Medical examiner and a police detective. pulled from imdb

    It's like a procedural detective show was pitched to a group of network execs, one asked why there was no zombies - zombies are awesome atm. 5 minutes later we have iZombie - THIS IS HOW QUALITY TV IS MADE PEOPLE....

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      Well, to be fair it was a comic first, but the same rules apply lol. I tried watching it, I hated Veronica Mars personally, it irritated me on every level. Couldn't stand it. This did the absolutel same. I just loathed it. Switched off after the first episode and I won't be back. I can see why others would like it but it's definitely not for me. I'll stick with Gotham, The Flash, Arrow, Shield and others, iZombie was not my cup of tea. Add to that Marvels upcoming Defenders slate of Daredevil, Aka Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Ironfist shows and then their culmination in a DEFENDERS tv show? I don't think I'll be missing out at all.

        Pretty much over the superhero shows .... way to many. They coulda milked this for years but instead went full retard with the sheer amount of them. Arrow was a fav but havnt watched since they tied up the slate arc - worried it will jump the shark. Been enjoyin black sails and just recently had my mind blown by how good hannibal is - that show just doesnt get enough credit. Mads mikelson just portrays the charactor so well.

        Not sure how people are sayin that piracy is cripplin the industry i would not have purchased any of these on bluray without it.

          This season of Arrow isn't as good as season 2 to be honest. It's still good but nowhere near the heights of s2. The Flash is goddamn phenomenal though. Hannibal is just gourmet tv, the very best, the pinnacle of television in every manner.

    This wasn't a bad idea. However, with the show 'Forever' already halfway through its first season, I feel that iZombie loses its appeal.

    For those who haven't seen 'Forever', it's a procedural detective show with an immortal working in a police department morgue. Where iZombie is a procedural detective show with a zombie working in a police department morgue.

    Well they could've used Dead Island I guess - that at least had MP...

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