Kid Arrested, Confesses To Swatting A…Minecraft Rival

Kid Arrested, Confesses To Swatting A…Minecraft Rival

A 13-year-old kid from Camarillo, California was arrested earlier this month and has since confessed to three acts of “Swatting/”.

The Camarillo Acorn report that police were initially investigating the boy for one Swatting incident, but in the process discovered he’d been responsible for two more, all three taking place in January.

The boy made two of the calls to nearby addresses, one for his teacher, another targeted at a “female classmate”. The third call, however, was to New Jersey, aimed at what Ars Technica reports was a “rival Minecraft gamer”.

Because the kid is so young, he’s been released back into his mother’s custody, where Detective Gene Martinez of the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office says he’ll likely “be put on some sort of probation”.

Hey, morons: the more you pull this stunt, the more resources police are going to devote to catching you and throwing your moron arse in prison.


    • Dude. I know you like trolling but even this one is creepy for a trolling. He’s 13! Making him paedophile fodder isn’t going to help.

    • I chuckled, also he was quoting office space for all the haters, also there definitely should be some sort of lasting punishment implemented younger people are getting older and older earlier in life and doing stupid shit that you can no longer really go “oh, he’s 13, he didn’t know that what he was doing was bad”

  • They should take him on a tour of one of the toughest prisons in his state and tell him he’ll end up there if he keeps doing it. That’ll scare the pants off him.

  • Probation? What the hell is that? How about some actual consequences for the little shits that willingly risk peoples’ lives by sending heavily-armed psychopaths on hair-triggers to peoples’ doors?

    They need to sell his gaming equipment and bar him from the internet for a few months at least, to start with. Sending the parents a bill isn’t a bad idea either.

    Actions have consequences. Sometimes permanent ones. Good lesson to learn early.

    • The trouble is that he’s only 13.
      Putting it on his permanent record is too harsh, yet there isn’t any real consequences that will make it sink in…

      I mean, yeah, it’s a hell shit thing to do, but having a criminal record for something stupid you did at 13 doesn’t seem right to me…

      I’d try to scare / bore / embarrass them.
      Take them on a tour of a prison to scare them, then make them do a shit load of community service to bore them, then have them make a public apology to embarrass them.

      • The general consensus is that it’s very lucky that none of these Swatting incidents have resulted in death yet. That luck is the thin line separating him from committing a crime as a child and being tried as an adult for committing manslaughter and having it on his permanent record.

        • I think because the SWAT teams are so well trained and the people getting SWATTED are doing exactly what they are told. While I do agree with the Sentiment that @transientmind has above I disagree with the psychopaths on hair-triggers part.

          They’d need to be trained to be cool under pressure and to do their job, not panic and shoot for no reason.

          Perhaps the punishment should be quite enlightening, take him to an office space under the guise that the some higher up police officer wants to talk to him. Than while he is waiting have the SWAT team come kick the door down and start screaming where are the hostages so he know what it’s like to be on the receiving end.

      • for starters i’d take away every bit of technology he has access to. You’re back to pencils and paper buddy.
        Then, I’d give him the bill for the SWAT call outs. Probably 10’s of thousands. He can start paying that off with a paper run. He might be done by the time he’s out of high school.

        • Obviously there would be severe punishments enforced by the parents, but I’m more talking about from a legal stance.

          There should be something done, it’s just hard thinking of what you can do for this, to a 13 year old :S

          • I meant use the law to enforce those things… Clearly if he’s the kind of kid who swats multiple people at 13, there’s a bit of gap in the parenting.
            I don’t think you can trust the parents at this stage (in general)

          • The fact that “swatting” occurs speaks not to a lack of parenting but a fairly distinct fault in the systems around how such a hoax can occur. Essentially it’s a kid outsmarting a lot of highly intelligent people. I agree that the kid should have no access to technology, but the parents need to own up to it, it’s not the State’s job to parent the damn kid. Send the parents the bill and they can extract it from his hide… But you’re on the right track.

          • I agree it’s the the states job, but how often to do we see hoodlums, in their early teens, out all night, drinking, smoking etc…
            Where are the parents if they can’t even keep a kid a disciplined and at home during the night?
            Obviously these are generalizations but good boys and girls with good parenting don’t go swatting people…

            As for the system? No-knock swat raids are a bit excessive. I think we can all agree that you don’t need a military style breach/assault for every “tip off” and anonymous phone call but at the same time we can’t get stuck in a “boy who cries wolf” situation…

  • I’d slap him with 1 year without personal connected electronic devices… BAM! No computer, no game devices, no tablets, smart phones, or anything that has access to the internet. I’d also assign him a sizeable amount of community service hours with people so he can actually do some good with his life and learn to respect others.

    I guarantee that kid will soon begin to appreciate the value of online access, and respect the privilege.

    • That’s impossible to enforce if he lives at home, which he will, and even actual inmates in prison can get their hands on a smartphone. They should just slap him with the bill and put a big mark on his permanent record.

      • In fact that is a common punitive measure for hackers and the like, and it’s usually enforced by the promise of incarceration or further punitive measures if the ban is circumvented. Plus, when you put part of the responsibility on the parents, it becomes a more realistic discipline.

        Sure, you can’t control what the kid does every second of the day, but he would only need to be caught once to incur further punishment. That alone is enough to scare most commonsense people.

        Also, putting this on his permanent record is just a dick move. The kid is only 13. Branding him for life and leaves little room for true redemption or self-actualization. He’ll just be a criminal for the rest of his life.
        Justice is never about slapping someone with a punishment as bad or worse as the one they committed.

        • With all these swatting pranks, sooner or later a resident or a cop is going to be shot. Yes, most of these callers are kids, but in my book this is practically attempted murder. They know what they’re doing, they’ve seen Twitch streamers getting the Fallujah treatment, they know exactly how volatile it is, and do it anyway, because they think they can’t get caught.

          I don’t want to ruin a kid’s life unnecessarily, but he’s a minor and there’s a huge middle ground between locking his Nintendo away, and a felony charge. This isn’t garden-variety prank calling and you can’t be laissez faire about it, an internet ban is completely unenforceable and a poor punishment for threatening someone’s life with death by cop. To people who actually remember life before the internet, it doesn’t even sound like a punishment at all.


    One day someone is going to get killed as a result of one of these stunts, and I hope the “prankster” is tried for murder. As an adult.

  • I watched Rich from Reviewtech USA on this news bit. I have never heard him this pissed off before. Ever. Rich was calling to throw the kid in for 25 to life, and I am inclined to agree. The kid admitted to at least 3 Swattings. There is a risk whenever a swatting attempt is made that the swat are going to barge in guns blazing. If that shit happens, people die. It is something that could be avoided by giving people who do it a very good incentive to not continue

    • SWAT won’t just barge in guns blazing, these are well trained professionals. Not saying the person getting SWATTED, can’t panic and do something stupid and get shot for it. But please give the SWAT team some respect they aren’t a lynch mob taking the law into their own hands.

      • Ok, what about that streamer who got swatted and had swat come barging in and pointing guns at his family? I forgot his name, but I saw the video afterwards pleading for no more. Even if no one is shot, you can’t say there’s no emotional impact in this form of terrorising others in real life over a stupid reason such as a video game stream

        • I’m not saying it wouldn’t be a awful traumatic experience I’m saying they don’t fire their guns unless they have to. I think if you get swatted you should get a few sessions with a professional to make sure you don’t have PTSD.

          I’m referring specifically to the term guns blazing, as in guns being fired.

          To be clear I’m not saying it isn’t scary, I’m not saying things can’t go wrong, and that people can’t be hurt. I’m saying they don’t kick down the door and fire wildly.

      • Are you serious? Yes, most SWAT guys are professionals, but shit happens, and has happened. In 2010, a young girl named Aiyana Stanley-Jones was killed by Detroit SWAT, and there are countless news stories of SWAT shooting dogs with impunity because they are perceived as threats. Also note that most of these are drug raids, which are deemed safe enough to have film crew, a hostage situation (which most swatters set up) is a lot more volatile and operators more readily use deadly force. Hell, even in the Sydney Siege, an innocent woman was accidentally shot by police. In the US, with increased militarisation of local police, an already armed populace with ‘stand your ground’ laws and the already strained relationship between communities and police after Ferguson, the risk of innocent deaths is even more acute.

        • I never said shit does not happen, I never said people don’t get hurt. I said the SWAT teams are trained professionals and don’t go in guns blazing. I can tell you this if I was raiding a Drug house I’d be inclined to shoot the dog. I’m implying it’s a large dog used to scare or attack intruders. And not a tiny dog like a Chihuahua.

          • If we’ve learnt anything from Missouri, Fruitvale, etc, it’s that more than one trigger happy person has made police. SWAT don’t go in guns blazing? In hostage situations, that’s exactly what they do, and for good reason; they have to neutralise hostile targets quickly, but even trained professionals make mistakes.

            I can tell you this if I was raiding a Drug house I’d be inclined to shoot the dog. I’m implying it’s a large dog used to scare or attack intruders. And not a tiny dog like a Chihuahua.

            How about a corgi?


          • I guess that’s another case of me believing in the world I wanted to live in rather than the one I do. I honestly believed they where better than that.

            All I can say is for the sake of my cat, I’m glad I don’t live in America more than I’m usually glad I don’t live in America.

          • I wish it wasn’t so too, but SWAT raids are a dicey proposition at the best of times. If even the Sydney siege could go awry, American police have a doubly shitty job because so many civilians are armed, and many won’t hesitate to shoot an ‘intruder’ on their property as justified self-defence. Sooner or later, someone is going to be killed in one of these ‘pranks’ and it’s why I have no sympathy for swatters; they’ve seen it before on Twitch streams, it’s practically attempted murder by proxy.

          • Oh now that is something I’ve always thought was the point of Swatting, to get the other guy killed or at least seriously injured. And that is sickening, I would have no sympathy for a Swatter.

  • Am I missing something? Whats a rival minecraft gamer? Last I checked minecraft didn’t have a competitive mode…all I do with ppl online in minecraft is build shit and muck around…

  • Firstly, I think that kids need to be monitored playing games if they go to these lengths over a dispute. Hell, they shouldn’t even be playing online at this age.

    Secondly, the fact that he knows about swatting is ridiculous. It proves he knew what he was doing, therefore he should have a punishment filed as such. Charge him the expenses it would’ve cost, along with a donation to the victims family.

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