Lessons People Learnt From Resident Evil

Lessons People Learnt From Resident Evil

Resident Evil was released in 1996, and changed the gaming world. It also apparently taught a lot of people some interesting lessons.

Japan’s biggest online billboard, 2ch, was abuzz recently under the thread titled, “What we learnt from Biohazard (Resident Evil)” (俺達がバイオハザードから学んだこと).

Here is a sample from the life lessons of Resident Evil.

  • For close-quarters combat, a knife is faster.
  • The gun called a Magnum is super strong.
  • Stairs are terrifying.
  • You can heal wounds with herbs.
  • If you’re a protagonist, getting bitten by a zombie doesn’t infect you.
  • Run close to the walls.
  • You can take care of any monster, so long as you have a knife.
  • Ink ribbons are valuable.
  • You can resurrect people with an emergency spray.
  • Don’t work for a pharmaceutical company.
  • Always have a crank.
  • Make sure you lock rooms with pointless puzzles.
  • Do not ride Capcom helicopters.

Of course, just how much of this is applicable in real life is debatable.

So, what has the Resident Evil series taught you? For me, I suppose the greatest life lesson I ever learnt from the Resident Evil series was that the number “6” looks like a giraffe getting a blowjob…

Lessons People Learnt From Resident Evil

But, then again, I’ve never been one of the most apt of pupils.


    • Can not unsee.

      Also I learnt from RE:6 that it is possible to not be bothered finishing a numbered sequel of one of my all time favourite game franchises.

  • Did you write this whole pointless article just so you could use that lame joke about the ‘6’?

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