Lester From GTA V Can Kick Butt Too

Lester From GTA V Can Kick Butt Too

Most of the time you see Lester, the awkward mastermind behind GTA V‘s high-stakes robberies fits the stereotype of a maladjusted shut-in who doesn’t know how to do things with people. It’s a different story on the street of Los Santos. Lester will straight up take your bike and stomp a fool.

With the cane, wheelchair and inhaler, Lester generally comes across as a frail, not-in-the-face kind of dude. But two recent videos show him getting very aggro in GTA V‘s open world. Here, in a clip from 10Phoenix01 Gamer, he’s car-jacking some hapless NPC:

He commandeers a motorcycle in this video from Thoraxe0987, too, but definitely seems more zoned-out:

It’s not quite clear if these players did anything specific to get him to start kicking butt or if there’s some overriding AI directive that he’s following, but, either way, it’s fun to watch. Have you had any run-ins with Lester where he went all apex-predator? Share them in the comments below.


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