Let's Remember How Ridiculous The Xenogears Demo Was

Let's Remember How Ridiculous The Xenogears Demo Was

Next week, we'll finally be able to get our hands on the much-anticipated demo for Final Fantasy XV, which is basically the Half-Life 3 of JRPGs. This continues a long tradition of publisher Square Enix releasing demos for their big RPGs alongside other games... like the demo for Xenogears, which launched with the horror game Parasite Eve way back in 1998.

Though I have fond memories blasting through some of those old demos, I never actually saw the one for Xenogears until last night, when Kotaku reader Michael Eamma brought it up in a conversation on Twitter. The chat got me googling... which led me to this gem. Really, all you need is the first 40 seconds. If you've played Xenogears but never seen the demo, you are in for a mindf**k, grammatical errors and all.

We'll have more on the FFXV demo and the upcoming Final Fantasy Type-0 HD (which is great!) next week.


    This is a game that they could re release and still keep its original charm. All that needs doing is updating the textures for the 3d elements. Leave the characters and any other 2d sprites alone.

    I played this demo so much it was insane. the game was almost impossible to find at release. I finally got it a few weeks before FFXIII came out, and promised myself that I wouldn't touch FFXIII until I beat Xenogears. Right as the ending started I got the call that my game was in and I could pick it up, seemed like such amazing timing that FFXIII had to be one of the greatest games ever! boy was I let down hehe.

    This game to me was the pinnacle of gaming for the ps1, enjoyed it even more than FF7.

      just imagine all the extra hours of enjoyment you could have had if they finished the game instead of having 3 hours of reading near the end.

    i wish they would put this on the PSN for us to get here, the US has it though

    Came in expecting a linked tidbit about xenoblade x, got news of ffxv instead. Irony.

    Xenogears was excellent though, far more interesting gameplay than ff.

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    Xenogears was a game that had so much promise, and was going so well... until they ran out of budget after the first disk. The second disk cutting the game play and travel for screens of text describing what would have been amazing character moments if you actually could play it, then throwing you at a couple of boss fights and then the game ending, really negated the joy of the first disk for me.

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