Looks Like There’s Going To Be A Final Fantasy Type-1

Looks Like There’s Going To Be A Final Fantasy Type-1
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While Final Fantasy Type-0 HD isn’t due out in North America until Tuesday, a special ending cinematic teaser from the end of the game has hit YouTube, suggesting game director Hajime Tabata’s desire to make Final Fantasy Type-1 is being realised.

While the ending cutscene, currently available on YouTube (via NeoGAF), does not specifically mention the name Final Fantasy Type-1, Tabata’s comments to Kotaku last year about wishing to continue the experimental branch of the Final Fantasy universe once done with work on Final Fantasy XV, coupled with the content of the cutscene itself (no spoilers), is a strong nod in that direction.

Having yet to experience Final Fantasy Type-0, I’ve no idea if this is exciting or not, but I was at least stirred enough to badly mock up a logo.


  • So a sequel or not? Ever since Hironobu Sakaguchi left Square the practice of not doing FF sequels went with him and the franchise really has turned into a cashcow. Some of the games are good, some not, but I feel it really is detracting from the quality of the games. Hopefully if this is made though it will be a completely separate game though and developed for consoles rather than a handheld port

  • Final Fantasy is like an abusive spouse to me. I loved it once, but it is not the series I fell in love with any more. And even though I know it will just hurt me again I keep coming back. What’s worse is I blame myself for not making classic JPRGs earn enough for them to see they are worth making still. but SE said they were sorry and will try and be better if I give them another chance, so I will.

    • Yep. The last FF game I played was XIII and I was horribly burned by it. Hopefully this will be the instalment that gets me as interested as I was back in the 16-bit days.

      • If you were horribly burned by FF13 then FF13-2 was a glorious shower of rain – the game was a tonne of fun… then FF-Lightning returns was like being sent into an oven… filled with horse manure..

        I hate how inconsistent they are it drives me nuts.

        Love – FF- Tactics, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13-2 and would probably love 11 and 14 if I had the time for it.

        Hate – FF: Crystal Chronicles(its a great game a little too childish for my likes), FFX-2, The invisible walls of FF13, Lightning Returns, and every single thing that has both SE and iOS in the same title unless they want to make Triple Triad for iOS.

    • If you’re keen to give an MMO a try, FF14 is a very good game. Much better than the mess that was FF13. I’m still on the fence with both FF15 and FFT-0.

      • I started up 14 again recently. just beat Ramuh Ex this morning. that fight sucked, but still better than titan on any mode.

    • Just remember that Square Soft still made a terrible Final Fantasy long before SquEnix made XIII (which was decent). I refer to, of course, FFII.

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