Lots Of Big Changes Are Coming To Heroes Of The Storm Today

Briefly: Blizzard's list of patch notes detail dramatic gameplay adjustments alongside the addition of a new hero, map, and ranked mode known as "Team League". The hero tweaks seem particularly interesting — Uther is basically being rebuilt with five new talents.


    Not sure i feel about the changes to Thrall... seems like a serious nerf especially to early game (which is already hard as hell with Thrall) might have to jump on in the next few days to see how he plays now.

      I wouldn't be so sure.

      I think this will result in more 'spell spamming' builds for him (built around a mix of proccing his trait more).

      His WW build is already less effective without battle momentum, and this just puts it to tier 7 where his picks were already lacklustre as a result and where battle momentum previously was. His WW isn't as effective early game either way. It comes to shine when he has either of his ulti's and his lvl 16 trait.

      I think overall this isn't a nerf, as much as it is about equal to his current state - not viable competitively, but still fun in pub games.

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