Maybe THIS City-Building Game Will Be Good

Maybe THIS City-Building Game Will Be Good

SimCity was a disaster. Cities XXL was a scam. Cities: Skylines must be thinking, hey, hopefully third time's a charm.

Out next week, it's a city-building game that's looking to get things right by, well, not doing anything wrong. It has big city plots with plenty of customisation and modding options, and looks pretty nice to boot.

I've noticed a few quirks in my time with the game so far, but hopefully they're things that can either be fixed pretty soon or modded out by fans.


    go watch a stream on twitch....its good

    Just preordered it last night on GMG, looks promising.

    "Cities XXL was a scam"...? I haven't heard anything about that. Is it missing a link to explain, or just throwing it out there in a legally actionable manner?

      I think it was that it was barely changed from Cities XL. Kotaku in the past has referred to it as feeling more like a patch, or at best what should be cheap DLC.

      Here's the article they wrote about it.

      One of the user comments I read on Steam noted that the game was not only almost identical to "Cities: XL", when they played it in Windowed Mode the title bar said "Cities: XL"; the reviewer had to check to make sure they hadn't accidentally launched the wrong game from his library...

      There's no shortage of user reviews saying the game doesn't even constitute DLC. Check out the steam reviews & forum for it, it makes astonishing reading.

      Even the 50% off to owners of Cities: XL isn't enough to get me to pick up Cities: XXL, I don't think I've ever seen so much negative feedback concentrated on a single title.

    I hadn't thought about sim city in a year... You just reminded me of my disappointment :(

    FYI for those thinking of buying this:

    Greenman gaming have the standard edition on sale which comes to $29 AUD. Otherwise you can get it directly on Steam for $30 USD which would be closer to $40.

      Why pay more?!

        I purchased from GMG, just making people aware of the price difference between the two.

          I think you are a savvy shopper :)

            Check out It's pretty good.

      Hmm, not sure how you're getting AUD on GMG. I just went through the checkout process & saw it is USD. So $29 USD + 20% off code = $24. Current exchange rate is around 0.75. Comes to $30 AUD.

      Unless you've already factored in the discount? A post a few down mentioned he bought it from GMG for $24 AUD with the 20% discount, & you didn't mention a discount...

    Just bought my copy there too.
    There is a code on the front page for 20% off, came to $24 AUD.

    Sigh, have been wanting to play a city sim for a while now but couldn't bring myself to buy the other ones due to obvious reasons. This might be the one.

    Just re-release Sim City 2000 with HD graphics and I will be ok for the next 10 years.

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