Maybe We'd Be Better Off Playing IKEA's Fake Video Games

Maybe We'd Be Better Off Playing Ikea's Fake Video Games

Briefly: While browsing his local IKEA for functional furniture at reasonable prices, Redditor voodoocode snapped a shot of some of the company's upcoming line-up of fake placeholder video games. I would pay $US100 for Grand-ma's Auto.

Fake games at my local IKEA [Reddit]


    Id play the pimps and grand Ma's auto for sure. Call of mutti just looks like a genaric shooter so I would have to read the reviews first

      You're thinking of the original. This is "SAY OOPS, I'M SORRY."

      I think Call Your Mutti (German and probably Swedish for "Mummy"): Say "Oops, I'm Sorry", sounds like an emotional rollercoaster of tears and passive aggression.

      Last edited 01/03/15 6:56 pm

        Just noticed that it's also the "100% uncut" version, so it might have too much passive aggression to see a release in Australia

          There should be a label that says "Contains high levels of nagging and disappointment" too.

      That's Call Your Mutti, the latest in the long-running first canine walker series.

    Bugger, they're only on Beatbox. And I just bought a Stayplation. :(

      Yeah, and I only have a Wintendo Pii :/

        Did you ever upgrade to the Pii-U? I heard it stinks. :p

          I just....... I can't........

          Words just fail me!!!


            you guys seem to all have current gen consoles. im still rocking the Mega Uranus and playing Mega Rally Championship.

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