Microsoft Australia Is Giving Customers 3 Months Of Free Netflix With The Xbox One

With news that Netflix is launching here in Australia on March 24, both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One are touting their own Netflix functionality.But the Xbox One has landed the first strike, announcing that its own Netflix app is available for download as of today, ahead of the launch.

Perhaps more importantly, Microsoft is giving away three months of Netflix free with new purchases of the Xbox One.

It makes sense in terms of Microsoft's broader strategy for the Xbox One: the idea of making it an all-in-one media box for games, television and music.

"Netflix is one of the world’s premiere entertainment services which we have had a long association with around the world, so we’re thrilled to announce this partnership on Xbox in Australia," said Microsoft's Jeremy Hinton, in a statement. "The introduction of Netflix will further cement our dedication to being the number one entertainment platform in Australian living rooms. In addition, the Netflix app is a perfect fit for Xbox One, allowing users to make the most of the console’s features and benefits, such as Snap, while they watch and play what they want, when they want."

Apparently the three months deal is limited to certain retailers and will be available for a limited time. We've contacted Microsoft Australia for further details and will update when we hear more.


    I seem to recall rumours of possible (American) cable tv deals with Xbox One in the US but as MS gravitated away from TV functionality that's clearly no longer.

    MS, Sony and Nintendo should try and move in on the telco's turf and talk to major sports in this country.

    AFL in the winter, cricket in the summer, streamed through my console, that is truly the holy land.

      But I'm not interested in sports :(

        But you'll miss out on all the 'DOMINATE'!:

        HAHA! What an embarrassing moment (their whole reveal, that is).

      After all the NFL stuff... I'm amazed they didn't do premier league in the UK, FIFA in Europe, Hockey in Canada & Russia, cricket in the subcontinent, & AFL here.

      Unfortunately (and this will sound familiar) Telstra and Foxtel have all the digital broadcast rights for major sports in Australia, cricket possibly being the only exception. So fat chance of MS doing a deal with them outside of the existing foxtel-through-your-xbox-thing. It also means MS can't talk directly to the AFL, NRL, SANZAR as they're locked in long term contracts regarding distribution rights.

    Now if you are with iiNet, your Netflix usage is unmetered, so you can stream away to your heart's content!

      if you're with TPG, everything is unmetered ;)

        I can't find a single, current, positive review for TPG.

          I have had no major problems with TPG as my provider. 8/10 would recommend.

          There. Now you have a current positive review for TPG.

            Good for you!


            At least you are getting a good experience though.

            Last edited 04/03/15 4:02 pm

              I am going to be honest. I am aware that there are many issues with TPG, most of which I have not experienced. I just wanted to have a laugh.

                Ok. I get that. I was actually legitimately interested until I did some digging, and just want to advise caution to others who are interested.

                I too a customer of TPG, have not had a single issue in the 2 plus years I have been with them, It does help that the local exchange is located basically next door.

      With the news of the deals Netflix have here with iiNet and Optus, America is asking whether Netflix's stance on net neutrality was a lie.

    What does it mean when it talks about retailers?
    Do we have to buy a new console?
    Is this not available for current owners?

      "Microsoft is giving away three months of Netflix free with new purchases of the Xbox One."

      I got excited for a moment too. Oh well. Hopefully this means a few more of my friends will buy XBones so I can play games with them.

      Last edited 04/03/15 1:47 pm

    New purchases of the Xbone? So existing customers don't get anything? Might be me being skeptical, but surely trying to introduce Netflix to millions of established customers might be a better option than offering it and hoping it sells a few thousand more consoles. After all, Microsoft should know by now that people buy games consoles to play games on. Offering Netflix isn't going to suddenly encourage a lot more people to part with $4-500

      Yeah was hoping to see this offer extended to ALL X1 owners but oh well. I'm still expecting a 7 day trial free or something at least to get the uptake so i'll wait to see that.

        I'm hoping for a snappable Netflix app so I can watch X Files while I play the first 2.5 laps of Circles of Hell ... over and over again.

        Existing Xbox One owners & new Netflix users will all be eligible for a 1 month free trial of the service.

      As one of my friends put it, $30 worth of netflix for only $500 bucks? Where do I sign?

      I misread this thinking I'd get 3 months free which would probably pull me onto Netflix instead of Stan or Quickflix. When Foxtel come to my door all I do is laugh at them.

        I honestly feel bad for the Foxtel employees coming to my door. They always look so dejected when I tell them that sports doesn't I terest me enough to pay gor it. And that HBO are doing a standalone version of HBO Go before the new GoT season. They don't have any control over the plans or licensing evils perpetrated by the higher ups.

        I just politely tell them if I wanted Foxtel, I'd just sign up again on my xbox.

          It's not like I laugh to be mean, but I have no interest in sport and when they try to pitch that as a great angle. They have a lousy product, they know it and here they are trying to sell it to somebody who is informed and doesn't care about what they offer.

          If they take no for an answer and walk away, that's fine but when they desperately try to make a sale and start guessing at what I like because sport doesn't do it for me. That's when things start to make me laugh. Like when they offered me faster ADSL, and said they can't actually guarantee the speeds I requested (I wanted 16 down and 2 up, currently I get 8/0.5) or that the phone line won't stop working when it rains I asked why would I change to them if they are offering the same speeds with the same crappy reliability for more money with less download.

          Or when they talk about Foxtel and I ask what Resolution they broadcast in, oh HD is extra that seems like a terrible concept.

            Hehe, sounds like you've had the conversation as mamy times as I've had it!

    What I'd really like to see (but will never happen) is for the Foxtel GO app to make it's way to Xbox One. Allow my Xbox to be an extra Foxtel box. That would be huge.

    But an AFL Live app would be nice too.

      same here.... was really hoping that was going to be an option at some point.

    Great.... now Netflix, what can I watch now that you've sold all the Oz rights to all of your good shows to others?

      As far as I am aware they maintain all the streaming rights to their own shows.

    I hope when they release an AU PS4 app it can be used with my Optus login

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