Minecraft Diamonds Are 11 Times Rarer Than Real Ones

Minecraft Diamonds are 11 Times Rarer than Real Ones

Diamonds are the second rarest material in Minecraft. You can mould them into the most durable tools and weapons, or just make a copy of the Statue of Liberty. If you've tried looking for them for any length of time, though, you know the material can be frustratingly rare. In fact, it's even scarcer in Minecraft than diamonds are in the real world.

According to this infographic from a metallurgy consulting firm, real diamonds make up 0.02%-0.18% of the Earth's crust. Minecraft's gems on the other hand make up only 0.016% of the world.

Minecraft Diamonds are 11 Times Rarer than Real Ones

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    I found this article to be a real gem.

    I really dig the content.

    Those miners need to get a xray texture pack ;)

      Not everyone likes to cheat, oddly enough

        I didn't say every one did and i don't.
        It's a joke.

    0.02-0.18% carbon =/= 0.02-0.18% diamond...

    My only complaint is that one of the sources is yahoo answers. I wouldn't use them on principle.

    That's a bit of a jump from "this is how much carbon is in the Earth's crust" to "this is how frequent diamonds are". The majority of carbon in the crust isn't going to be in diamond form.

    Go to the correct layer
    Find diamonds.

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