Monster Hunter Is Killing It With The Free Extras

This is how you do downloadable content. I have nothing but good things to say about Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate's DLC. Today, the developers released a new batch of content, all of it free. It includes new quests, Palicos, weapons, and gear — including some stuff themed after The Legend of Zelda. The DLC lets you craft Link's Master Sword and shield, as well as his signature tunic and bow.

To get the Zelda gear, though, you'll need to defeat three enemies — they will drop the Triforce, which you can use to forge Link's stuff. You gotta earn it.

Thing is, DLC packs like this one are going to be dropping every month for Monster Hunter. Last month, there was a pack that includes new Palico gear, as well as a starter set for new hunters. This Zelda pack is March's batch of DLC. There will be more throughout the year — all free. Amazing.

To get this new stuff, head into the DLC menu of your Monster Hunter 4 game. You should see new stuff in pretty much every section there. Happy downloading!


    Makes me wish I had the game now.
    Or the funds to get said game.

      Sell old games if you have to. The game is amazing. And that is coming from someone who never appreciated Monster Hunter before this.

    If I purchase the game now can I still earn last months dlc or is it only available for a month ?

      Last i heard the starter pack that contained some potions and the mushrooms required to make the mario or luigi costume for your palico ends 15th March so you still have some time to get it.

        The mushrooms will be available in a later quests, the starter kit just gives you some free ones

      Always available, you can even get the DLC for the old PSP versions still, so they don't go anywhere. The only limited time thing is a starter kit that gives you some free consumables you'd normally have to farm.

    As usual Nintendo doing free post release content for its customers rather than nickle and dime dlc. Why do people hate Nintendo again?

      For god awful anything else to do with the internet....

      Because it's not Nintendo doing it? Surprisingly it's Capcom

        I do not believe that Capcom just used Nintendo's character Link without an agreement for free and Capcom on any other platfrom are the kings of on-disc paid DLC so my comment still stands.

          Capcom have used this format for their Monster Hunter DLC since the PSP days, and they have quite frequently had items that are tied in with non Capcom licenses, so you don't know what you're talking about

            I was talking about Nintendo not Capcom in my first post. I do know what I am talking about thank you.

              Right you said Nintendo releasing dlc for free, but this dlc has nothing to do with Nintendo, it's Capcoms game and choice on charging for DLC, that has nothing to do with what licensing appears in the DLC, Nintendo couldn't force Capcom to make people pay for it or not, that's Capcom' choice.

                Yes I was not clear. I should of said "more free dlc on a Nintendo platform" but as I also said Capcom can't do shit with Link without them one letting them and two letting them do it for free. You are over reading my comment dude and even if you were not you don't need to be rude.

      Believe it or not this is standard affair in the Monster Hunter series, as some one said above; even if I go pick up my copy of MHFU on my vita I can still download all the old content from over six years ago.

      Last edited 07/03/15 6:16 pm

    "This is how you do downloadable content"

    Absolutely nailed it.

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