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Big thanks again to everyone who managed to attend our Bloodborne launch event. For those of you who couldn't make it? This is the closest thing! We managed to record some footage from the event which includes: me getting excited about beef, one man promising to neglect his wife and child for Bloodborne, and people talking about how difficult it is!

I'm just gutted we didn't manage to get competition winner Sterne He's stupendously dramatic battle against The Cleric Beast on tape. Huge missed opportunity.

Regardless, the event was top notch if I may say so myself. Good people, good food, good game, good severed body parts strewn throughout the location. Good times.


    SO many bloodborne articles...just want to go home and play :(


        Surely you should just bring your Setup into work and "have to play it for research purposes"

        *looks around*

        I'll be in that boat one day soon.... soon....

        Tell me the games better than Dark Souls 1 and 2 Serrels... tell me?

          I don't think I've felt this much pressure to buy a game before! I know that it doesn't make any sense to get it given I'm time poor and I have a massive backlog but damn it I'm gonna have to get it if I plan to visit kotaku on a daily basis!

            Waiting for my copy to arrive from the comp lol. Should wait out the front on a rocking chair with a shotgun to make sure noone nicks it lol. Cant wait though, sooooo eager.

    ok... I know this has nothing to do with the article (well, it is relate to bloodborne at least), but I played bloodborne last night and I have to vent:

    I kept using heavy attack ONLY.
    I ignored my guns almost entirely.
    And... this a real puzzler, I kept pressing X to dodge for some reason.
    Result: I kept thinking about all the stupid mistakes I made last night and vow to do better tonight, I can't wait.

    ARGH, I can't wait. *shakes fist impotently at MightyApe*

      It's so freaking brutal. I'm wiping on trash mobs after the first lantern. ARGH.

    I'm up to facing the first boss. I think this is really where the new play style will come in. Everyone wish me luck!

    I took a wrong turn and fought Father Gascoigne first, he kept on kicking my ass. Ended up killing him, felt so triumphant. Then went a killed the Cleric Beast 1st attempt. Now I feel like a god.

    All this after I watched your livestream on Tuesday Mark

      I encountered Father Gascoigne by accidentally and got my arse kicked as well (what are the chances, right?!) What you said inspired me though, I am going back for revenge!

      Last edited 27/03/15 8:58 am

    It's weird there a so many bloodborne articles on this site but on other sites they are just talking about how glitchy the game is so far....

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