Mortal Kombat X Coming To iOS And Android Next Month

Video: Mortal Kombat X is coming to iOS and Android next month as a free-to-play fighting/card-game, shades of the mobile version of Injustice: Gods Among Us. As with its DC Comics cousin, the mobile MK will link to the console version for unlockable goodness. I don't know about you, but "Swipe! Finish Him" doesn't have quite the same ring.


    Or rather "Pay 20 Kombat Koins to finish him!"

    Mortal Kombat X Coming To iOS And Android Next Month
    Why would you make the link read like that only to end it with "as a free-to-play fighting/card-game"? You got me so happy thinking I was finally getting an MK game on Android. Thats just (clickbait) cruel.

      I think its odd you expected something different when you see the words 'iOS/Android game'

      To me that phrase instantly means free-to-play, nothing else

        I have a lot of games on my Android tablet that are not free to play. They are out there.

        My issue wasnt about the free to play bit, but moreso that its a card game rather than an actual MK fighting game. I am still waiting for games like Final Fight, MK 1,2,3, UMK3, and Street Fighter to come to Android. We have blazing fast phones now with large screens and bluetooth gamepads that can accomodate them. But not sure why Capcom and Midway arent making these games available for mobile devices.

      It sounds exactly like what I expected (a WWE Supercard-esque mobile game). The idea of playing a fighting game on a touchscreen is my idea of a personal hell.

        Two words: Bluetooth gamepad.

          Two more words: dedicated console

            Another two words: Not portable.

              There's a reason why BT gamepads haven't taken off and it's not just spotty controller support; most people just don't want to carry one in addition to their phone or tablet in the off chance they can squeeze in a few games, it's also a far less commute-friendly.

                Not mine. It has a stand for the phone that fits in nicely and will work fine on train rides, and most bus rides (depending on how crappy the road is). Im using a Nyko game pad: I have the black version of that white gamepad and it comes with the same stand and box.

                  But you realise not everyone is like you, right?

                  BTW there are dedicated consoles that are portable - the Vita and the 3DS. One of them even has an excellent port of MK9

                  @dansdans Yes I actually realised that many years ago (it wasn't rocket science to figure that one out). That is why i want MK and Street Fighter on my phone (I already have them on my XBox 360 and dont want to dish out hundreds of dollars buying a portable gaming console with those games on them). If Soul Calibur can make its way to Android (and works a treat with my bluetooth gamepad) then not sure why Capcom and Midway cant deliver their games on mobile. For the mean time I am playing MK series using an emulator on my phone, but would prefer a direct dedicated Android version of those games instead.

    I actually enjoyed the Injustice mobile game. Played a heap of it before I even got the game on PC.

    If they fix the WB account syncing issues they had with Injustice, I'll probably play a heap of this too.

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