Mortal Kombat X Has A Nice Surprise For Rage Quitters

So we can all agree when it comes to finishing moves, the Mortal Kombat franchise has always had the top spot. Always. The next instalment, X, looks to continue the trend with the addition of the "Quitality", a short-and-sweet way of humiliating players who can't handle the heat.

I'm not sure if each character gets a different one (the description suggests not), but in this clip here, we see poor Scorpion getting thrashed before, suddenly, his head explodes. You may have to watch a couple of times to see it — the clue is when the screen goes black.

Towards the end of the video we get an explanation: if a player disconnects prior to the end of the match, say bye-bye to whatever's sitting on the neck up.

I'm starting to lose track of all the "-alities" Mortal Kombat X is introducing — along with all the gore — though I'm confident a list will be available once the game comes out (or shortly before). Can you think of anything else they could celebrate with a gruesome and/or hilarious end?

Mortal Kombat X - Quitality Gameplay Trailer (Fatalities) - Mortal Kombat 10 [YouTube, via Dorkly]


    But what about people who dashboard out, or those that yank their connection? In the past this would just prevent the game from being recorded.

      I think if you're that desperate to get out of losing then you're embarrassing yourself far worse.

    I'm more worried about disconnections that come from packet loss. I've dropped out of games sometimes due to a series of packets not reaching their destination during a lag spike.

      Yeah so much of this with Destiny, only game I had an issue with ever like it

    I dont mind if my accidental drop outs due to my bad net from bad copper (hurry please NBN) result in me losing.

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