Mortal Kombat X Is Getting Predator As A Playable Character

Briefly: Mortal Kombat X isn't just getting Jason Voorhees as a playable character; an early listing for DLC on Xbox Live reveals that the Predator is going to be on the roster as well.


    Didn't we already know this? And that the guy who played Dillon has lent his likeness to the game?

      We hadn't had anything officially announced, but Ed Boon was being a massive tease about it (the man is terrible at keeping secrets), and most people were already assuming it was happening. Where Dillon fits in will be interesting though, as the game isn't shipping with any guest characters; they'll be available as DLC with the Kombat Pack, and the two guests character spots in this pack are now filled (Jason and Predator), leaving no room for Dillon. He may just appear in Predator's arcade ending, or in one of his fatalities.

      *Update* So Predator is now confirmed: . When Predator is released, it'll come with 3 Predator themed costumes for other characters, including a Carl Weathers one for Jax.

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    His name is Kabal. Not Predator.

    Am I the only one that doesn't see the similarities?

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